torsdag 13 december 2007

I was waiting for you a long time

My urge to shop seams to have returned! I realy want to have lika a lolita sping picnic this year and this outfit ould be perfect with looong princess locks and a cute wicker basket to carry tea and cupcakes in. I simply must make it happen!

torsdag 29 november 2007

Beauty bound in book form

I finaly got my book of Amanos complete prints and I must say I dont think a book has ever made me this happy. I was really exited about it and it was of course delayed so my anticipation keept on rising all week but I am not disappointed! It was worth waiting for, I feel as soft and flowy as his pictures when I flip through it and I'm taken in by the absolute perfection of every line. 300 pages of pure dreamyness. Amano has an ability to inspire me without bringing me down and making me feel as if I should just quit because I will never be as good as him, something no other artist manages to do.