tisdag 29 juli 2008

Antique bakery

Alright, alright, I'm so exited I feel like I should be breathing in a paper bag or something, ANYWAY! I was browsing for a Antique Bakery (one of my favourite mangas) wallpaper for my desktop and stumbeled across this picture A few clicks later and I find out that they are making a 12 episode live action series of it, and as if that was not enough, Kim Jae Wook(spelling?) is starring as Yusuke Ono(who will be called Son Woo) and phew, he is one fiiiiine looking fellow *_* According to what I can find out it's alredy airing so I just need to get a hold of it. Here's some interwiev with the actors, they seam to find the host a bit annoying I think, but then again, I think I would to
There is also a anime version, however I'm not to fond of that one, I don't like the way it's drawn, it doesn't look like Fumi Yoshinagas style, although it has the most adoreble intro, check it out @ around 3:05;

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