tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Pt. III Marie Antoinette Royal Buffon

Part III
La croix noir Marie Antoinette Royal Buffon
The Decadent doll
Brand: La croix noir
Price: Gift from friend
Style: Full wavy wig
Colour: Bitter chocolate
Length: 80cm
Volume: 2/5
Care: Wig shampoo, brush

Brand: Prisila
Price: ¥2,600
Style: Curley clip-on ponytail
Colour: Medium brown
Length: 55cm
Volume: 3/5
Brand: no name
Price: 3 for ¥300
Style: Wavy clip-in extensions
Colour: Mahogany
Length: 50cm
Volume: 2/5
Styling time: Depending on your skill I would say 20-30 minutes.

This took longer then planed to post but I swear to God everything has been working against me, the grabby things in in the clip-on ponytails broke like two times. Anyway, this is the most MacGyver of the different hime wigs since I use a bunch of extensions from several different brands to make the no doubt biggest most outrageous one. The first thing you'll want to do is to put the clip-in extensions on top of the ponytails and brush them into eachother.With that we are redy to start putting it together.
My thoughts:
I do like the result of this one, I think it's cute but it's really heavy because of all the hair that goes in to it so pin that wig like there is no tomorrow. It's also so ridicilously huge that I don't really know when you would wear it except maybe photoshoots, outrageous parties or cosplay but that's for the individual to deside.

Putting it on:
Once you got the wig on nice and tigh, do a sort of three way part. Save a big chunk of hair on the top of your head and do two tiny ponytails on the side, as high as you possibly can.
Put the big chunk out of the way with a bobby pin and get your big clip-on ponytails out. Fold the ponytail of the wig and clip-on the extensions.Do this on both sides, put them as high up as you can with as little space between the two clip-ons as possible, if necessary secure it with more bobby pins.Now tease/backcomb the middle section of hair on the wig untill it's about the same hight as the clips. Smooth it over by combing over it gently with a soft brush, without killing the volume, secure any stray hairs with a big cute bow or a flower! Brush the different hairs into eachother for a more natural blend.Plus & minus:
+ Huge and so cute!
+ Pretty cheap
+ One of a kind
- Heavy and rather unpractical
- Tricky styling
Overall score: 3/5
Right for you if you're: Looking for something eyecathing and one of a kind for an extravagant occasion.

torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Annual closet rant

It's as certain as the tide, with the change of season comes the wardrobe angst. I don't feel like getting dressed latley because of how unhappy I am with how my closet looks. I still like my dresses, they are cute and all but I don't feel they fit the gloomy weather that we're having right now. I want a duller colour pallet of dusty pink and lavender, beige, brown and cream. I think that with some new cardigans and blouses I could make it work for me but winter clothes shopping is so expensive. For the upcoming autumn/winter I would like to acquire a new coat (preferably both a long and a short one), a pair of boots and a stiff brimmed bonnett on top of all the new tops but will I be able to stick to my closet plan? Especially with that God damned re-release of Melty Chocolat and no secure income. Will I have to survive the winter in pastel?

söndag 22 augusti 2010

First winter coats

Angelic Prettys short coats for this winter are so hilarious, the bow is so comicaly large it looks physicaly impossible. It's like something out of a manga!

lördag 21 augusti 2010

Gal inspired gigant curly pigtails

Current craving: Angelic Pretty Chocolate

It wasn't just the dresses that got a re-vamp with the new release of Melty Chocolate, the adoreble chocolate bar bag, my favourite, got the addition of a nice long shoulder strap. How practical!
Now I want it in every colour again, typical.

fredag 13 augusti 2010

Tutorial: Messy doubble bun updo

Products needed for this tutorial:
  • Curling iron
  • Scrungie
  • Bobby pins

  • Smoothing lotion
  • Clip-in Extensions (if you have short hair like me
  • Hairspray

  • Begin with parting your hair in a slightly assymetrical style and do two pigtails, a low one behind your ear and a high one, slightly larger, above your other ear. I always brush in some smoothing lotion when I do updos since it makes my hair easier to handle.
    Pre-curl and spray your extensions (or your real hair) to your own liking, I tried using a larger curling iron for this turorial therefore it came out much flatter then the other day. For this picture I used a small iron and pinned both buns down much harder so if you want you may vary the look for different occasions.
    Clip in your extensions around the pigtails, I'm no expert at doing this flawlessly but since it will be covered by hair once we're done anyway it doesn't really matter.This is what it looks like on, now tease/backcomb the hair to give your buns some volume. How much you should tease depends on how big a bun you want but remember to always make the higer one a little bit larger.
    Twist and pin the teased hair around your pigtail, pin the lower one hard. The top one should be kept more airy, just use a couple of bobby pins and let a few long strands of hair hang down from it. If you like, you can bring out your curling iron again to touch up the hanging curls. Finish with hairspray to fix it and add some decorations if you like.

    Now you're all done!

    onsdag 11 augusti 2010


    I got the catalogue for Emily Temple cute with my package in the mail today, it covers mostly the July collection so, although lovley, not alot of unseen things. I adore this coodrination though, I got the brown macaron JSK and I'm waiting for it to get home to me but now I want that blue cardigan aswell, they look so simple and cute together.

    söndag 8 augusti 2010

    lördag 7 augusti 2010

    Chocolate is the colour of my misery

    I swear to God, this dress will be the bane of my existence.

    Pt. II Princess Goldilocks

    Part II
    Cyperous' Princess Goldilocks
    The perfect princess
    Brand: Cyperous
    Price: ¥6,900
    Style: Full curly wig
    Colour: Milk Tea
    Length: 60cm
    Volume: 4/5
    Care: Wig shampoo, soft brush
    Styling time: 10-15 minutes.
    Now this is a full wig so it's best worn with a wig cap underneith to keep your own hair from peeping out. If you don't want to spend money on a real one you can easily make one yourself by cutting up a pair of stockings. Keep in mind that it's alot like wearing a hat so you might reconsider putting it on if it's realy warm outside. When washing it you don't need to worry about killing the volume but don't let it dry hanging, put it on a couple of towels lying down instead since the hanging stretches the curls, and make sure not to brush it untill it's completley dry.

    My thoughts: The quality of this one is wonderfull, the hair texture looks and photographs just like real hair and it doesn't have an unnatural shine like alot of fake hair do. A full wig is even less work then a half wig, just pop it in, give it a light brush and your good to go. If you are not used to wigs you might feel slightly uncomfortable and worry about it moving around or even falling off. I feel wearing a bonnet or a bow on a headband helps me. it makes me feel more secure since it holds the wig in place and covers the parting wich usualy is the most artificial looking part of a wig. This wig, because there is alot of build in volume, doesn't have an imitation scalp so I would definetley recomend some kind of headdress. It's realy nice to wear during wintertime for the extra layer but I find it hard to have it on for a twelve houer day without it getting a little bit hot and bothered. If you have sensetive skin it might also get itchy since the inside of the wig is quite coarse.
    Putting it on: This one is super easy and fast to get on, just get your wig cap on and be generous with the bobby pins, the weight of the build in buffon demands you secure it carefuly. Style it with a soft brush and your hands so that you don't ruin the curls.
    Plus & minus:
    + The look, instant princess perfection!
    + Great quality
    + Durable curls and volume
    -/+ it's a thick full wig so it can get realy warm, great in winter, not so great in summer.
    - The price, a litle bit on the expensive side considering you'll have to use a shoppingservice unless you live in japan, wich means another 10-20% of the price is added on.
    Overall score: 4.5/5

    Right for you if you're: Looking for a wig to give you hair too perfect to be true. Suitable for a fancy dinner, a meetup, tea partie or any other time when you want to be the absolute belle of the ball. You're sure to look eyecatchingly beautiful as long as you can take the heat.

    Next time: La croix noir Marie Antoinette Royal Buffon

    torsdag 5 augusti 2010

    If you love me, chase me

    From Bella's blog.

    In keeping of beautiful things: Declutter your life

    It's been a while! This will just be a short entery in this series but I intend to post more tips on organizing shortly since I'm, big news, slowly preparing to move. Once that is over and done with I'll have an excellent opportunity to show step by step organization as I unpack and decorate. But that is for the future, today I will continue the focus on the little things, ergo jewelry! So we got the earrings out of the way but it doesn't stop there. Not only lolitas, but ladies in general, have a tendensy to turn into magpies and become hoarders of sparkely, cute things. And honestly, with so much gorgeousmess available, who can blame us? But there is such a thing as too much, if it starts to turn into clutter then you can't enjoy your things anymore. Necklaces and bracelets tangle, earrings loose their mate, you can't find that one ring you need for your outfit, it's terrible. In the end, taking time to organize will save you so much unnecessary ransacking through drawers so let's get started!
    The first thing to do is naturaly to get rid of excessive things, be ruthless and keep only the things that you really, really love. If it was an investment you can always try to cut your loses and sell it but if it's just cheap, five dollar pieces, I would say don't bother with it. It's unlikley to be worth the effort so just throw it out!
    Cleaning out is just the first step though, when you've done it once you need to maintain that order. Remember to control your impulses and not buy stuff just because it's cheap, think about wheather or not you will actually use it.
    As for my storage, I keep my jewelry in the pull-out drawers of my make-up table and I prefer having my necklaces lying down instead of hanging but that's just a matter of taste.
    I like them lying down because, I'll confess, I'm a box-o-holic, I keep everything from shoes, to bows and hats to necklaces in boxes. Most nicer jewelry come with cases from the store so just keep them in that unless it's really ugly.
    For the pieces that come unwrapped from the store, there are other types of boxes who fit the purpose so be on the lookout. I ,for example, use a soap and match box.
    I keep the boxes without a brand labeling open so I know what's in them and I stuff them with pink silk paper since they don't have those tiny velvet cussions that usualy come with boxes from the jewelry store. The paper isn't just for added cuteness, it works as a paddig whenever you bring your bling with you.
    Now this is my pull-out drawer! I avoid stacking things on top of eachother, the best thing is to keep as much as possible visible so you always know what you've got. It makes it easy to pick what to wear with your daily outfits.
    When you run out of suitable miniature boxes, it's time to break out the jewelry cases! They come in every shape and style imaginable so just pick and choose a couple that fit your general style of interior design. The egg was bought at a second hand shop for 50Kr. It can't be used as a display case so I keep plastic bangles and rings in it since they look like a tangeled mess if they are visible. The box was bought at an antique fair, also for about 50kr, but it's not old so you can find it or boxes just like it everywhere. Since I got mine used, the velvet on the inside is a bit worn but that doesn't matter, this case can be kept open so it needs to be filled up anyway. I used a throw away piece of red velvet again, left from my curtains, to create a soft bed for the jewelry.
    Select pieces that go well together and with the box and arange them as you like, my theeme for this case is the interior design of a baroque castle, what do you think?
    To be continued...

    tisdag 3 augusti 2010

    Pt. I Oversleeping beauty

    Part I
    Maple's Oversleeping Beauty
    A quick hime look
    Brand: Maple
    Price: ¥3,900
    Style: Half wig, wavy
    Colour: Milk Tea
    Length: 55cm
    Volyme: 3/5
    Care: Wig shampoo, wig powder to counteract shine, comb & brush.
    Styling time: 5-10 min
    A half wig is fastened by two long, flexible combs that you secure into your own hair. You can either put it over a high ponytail for more volyme or just slip it into your hair as it is. If you have thin hair like me I recomend teasing your roots so the combs won't slide out, once it's on you won't even feel it. Since it's a half wig it doesn't cover your entire scalp so your skin can brethe wich prevents it from getting too hot and it doesn't itch.My thoughts: The quality of this one is okay for the price, the hair is a bit on the shiny/silky side but since it's a half wig it's easier to blend with your real hair. I feel the wavy style is easier to care for as far as washing and brushing goes, making for a more durable wig. Half wigs, for me, have a slightly more secure feeling when doing activeties such as clubbing or anything else with alot of movement. The fit feels secure and I don't worry about it comming off, becauce if it does, atleast I'm not left standing in my wig cap.Putting it on: Comb a piece of your hair forward before you put on the hairpiece and comb your real hair back over and into the fake hair, this will make it harder to see a clear line where the piece starts and make the look more natural. You can also help cover up the transition area with a cute hair accessory!Plus & Minus:
    - The quality, mine is about six months old and is getting seriously frissy in the edges.
    + Quick styling
    + Comfort
    + Easy maintenance
    + Natural feel and look
    Overall score: 4/5Right for you if you're: Looking for a temporary extension and enhancement of your hair that is comfortable and not too over the top. A quick fix that's great for parties and clubbing and is sure to put a princess touch to any event.

    Next time: Cyperous' Princess Goldilocks

    New miniseries, hime hairstyle wig reviews

    I have, for a period of time, promised a review of my different hime style wigs and it's time to deliver on that promise! Wigs to me are an amazingly fun, cheap and easy way to change your look on a daily basis. You can use them to cover up a bad hair day, feel extra pretty before going clubbing, when your simply too lazy to do your own hair, out on a date or meetup or just when you need that personal pick-me-up, in other words: whenever you feel like it. The reviews will be in a new three part miniseries over the course of this month so let's get started!

    söndag 1 augusti 2010

    Current obsession>> Strawberry chocolate

    Strawberry yogurt chocolate, this summers best snack!