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söndag 19 februari 2012


Takarazuka is a kind of lavish musical theater performed exlusivley by (and in 90% of the time for) women. They put on productions of Western musicals, stories adapted from shōjo manga and Japanese folktales.
It's acted a great influence on the shōjo genre, originaly inspiering works such as "Princess Knight", "Revolutionary Girl Utena" and "The Rose of Versailles" wich is also arguably Takarazuka's best known musical.

The male roles are played by actresses called otoko-yaku, who one Takarazuka instructor described to be "more suave, more affectionate, more courageous, more charming, more handsome and fascinating than a real male."

The otoko-yaku do everything that real men don't do: they tango, say sweet things, show understanding and kindness and never tire of expressing their undying love in the practiced baritones. Shinja Ueda, the president of the Takarazuka, told the Japan Times,
"The performances have an abundance of lines and acting that women want to hear and see from men, however unrealistic...but women are too embarrassed to say."
Explaining the mainly young female fanbase of the productions usualy takes one out of two routes, the one that seems to prevail in the west is that women are drawn to its inherent lesbian overtones. Lesbian themes occur in every Takarazuka performance, simply by virtue of the fact that women play every role.
The second theory is that women find escapism in the actresses performing free and empowered male parts. The subversion of stereotypical gender roles is something that's particurlarly appealing in a society like Japan with notoriously rigid conception of what is male and what is female.
For me personaly I think it's a lot simpler, it's about having something that's just for girls, by girls. Just like with Lolita fashion it's something generally doesn't really involve or appeal to men and it enables you to completley rejecting the notion that it's a man's world for just a moment. I don't really mind all the things I do for and with guys but that's probably due to the fact that I also have my escapism. I like "having my own thing".

fredag 17 februari 2012

Palty hair dye mini review

So I got a couple of requests to elaborate on my experience with colouring with Palty. I know a lot of girls are hesitant to use their dyes if they don't have dark or asian hair, thinking it won't work for them. Palty have a bit of a reputation of being really strong and bleaching.
First of all, my hair is recovering nicely from the shock and is silky and soft again, thank God! I was so afraid I would have to cut it again. I've been growing it out for quite a while now but the progress is really super slow so I didn't want a huge setback.This is a bit better picture of how it looks now, the light in my bathroom is really yellow so these are more accurate. I personaly don't know where the rumors that it doesn't work for caucasian girls started, I can't say enough good things about it too be honest. My natural colour is blond and my hair is rather typical nordic hair (really fine) and I find that it works great.As I wrote in the last post I used the Milk tea brown this time.
My last colour before this was blonde and I got that with the Palty Golden Bleach.Both times it turned out just the way I wanted, comparing it to the box pictures I think it's quite close and it gave a really eaven result aswell!I would encourage you to try it out if there are any colours you're interested in, they are quite a few of the shades that are hard to get right when trying to explain to a hairdresser and I've been really happy with the results every time, just make sure you do the allergy test first!

tisdag 14 februari 2012

Happy Valentines day ♥

måndag 13 februari 2012

The Lolita side of the story

So this petition is already spreading like wildfire through the lolita community but there is a reason for it!
I think everyone who has ever pursued a unique or different style knows that it's pretty hard as it is to be treated like an outsider. Lolita allready has to fight against the ambigious undertone of it's name and a lot of dirty preconceptions about age play and thoughts about fetish clothing. In reality we are just women and girls whith shared aesthetics. We shouldn't be shamed for this and we don't need a poster for a really controversial documentary adding fuel to the fire. Please sigh on, it's not even two minutes of your time and hopefully we can make a difference!

lördag 11 februari 2012

Quick colour change

So I had some issues with choosing what colour to dye my hair so I've ended up getting both a couple of boxes of milky tea and a couple of maple doughnut so I intend to try them both eventually. First up I tried milky tea brown!
I quite like it, I'm not sure how long I'll keep it but for now I'm happy, even though I've gotten a couple of peopel who are confused by the shade and has been asking me why I've dyed my hair gray...

It was kind of harsh on my hair though, it lost quite a bit of shine so I'm going to have to spoil it this week.

lördag 4 februari 2012

Look vinter chocolate

Best coffe chocolate ever!

fredag 3 februari 2012

New shoes

My findings from the Vivienne Westwood sales! I was really lucky that exactley the shoes I wanted showed up on the sale and that I was able to get them in my size too. They make my entire apartment smell like bubblegum and I've felt a need for a pair of outrageously pink pumps for a long time.