tisdag 24 maj 2011

Candy Doll Carrot orange

I was asked to take a better picture of the Carrot coloured blush from Candy Doll that I recently got and give a brief review of it. I actually really like it even though I have had peopel commenting on that my cheeks are orange, I think it looks cute though!It doesn't look too good with tints of pink or red so I use a BB cream as base since it gives good coverage and the one I got balances out my naturaly pink-ish hue perfectly. It goes well with lip colours in peach, apricot or nude.

onsdag 18 maj 2011

Mermaid dreams

I've slowly fallen in love with this dress, it's pretty but it's also so... Prom-y? Not really what I usualy like so I don't know where this fantasy came from but all of the sudden I want to be the little mermaid for a night and go dancing on a moonlit bridge in this dress.
Maybe it's the colour? I'm loving turquoise and aqua green for this summer.

söndag 15 maj 2011

Clutches of reality

Today I had my first burst of inspirations since I don't even remember. I sketched better then I have since I left for Japan and it felt like I could have kept going for houers on end just like I used to. But then I'm hit with reality. Clean up the kitchen and go to work in thirty minutes. The walk to my job is pretty short but I cried every step of the way, I never knew it would make me so miserable to repress my creativity.

lördag 14 maj 2011

New products and a new pallet

I alredy wrote this post once but I guess blogger decided to erase it? Things like this makes me think that maybe I should move to my own domain and not get affected by things like this but it seems like such a hassle to move all the old enteries.
I got some new products anyway, decided to try something different with my make up. I'm really fond of the nude lip, I never thought I could pull it off but I really think it suits me.
What do you guys think?
Eyeshadow: Dolly Wink No. 03 Country Retro
Lenses: Tsubasa Bambi series Chocolate Brown
Lashes top: Dolly Wink No. 03 Naturaly Girly
Lashes bottom: Dolly Wink No. 05 Real Nude
Cheek: Candy Doll Cheek colour in Carrot orange
Lip: Yves Saint Laurent in Nudy Pink

torsdag 12 maj 2011

Fast food fashion report

How cute are those kids, seriously? And Tsubasa is adoreble too, as per usual.

söndag 8 maj 2011

The piano has been shopping (not me)

Wow this last package was massive! I was thinking I might have to split it up but that's just too much of a hassle, I'll justthrow everything in at once.
Traded in my JSK of this series for the OP, I love the print but the shirring in the back of the JSK wasn't doing anything for me. I bought a set so I got the bow and the socks aswell.
Some extra socks, Angelic Pretty, Emily temple cute and Angelic Pretty again.
One of my last dream dresses to cross of the list! I originaly wanted the darker gray one, the one that's the same tartan as my trenchcoat, but you can't be too picky with colour if you want it in nice condition. It's quite old and the print is the kind of plastic print wich easily cracks (I don't think any lolita brand prints like that anymore). I have the same issue with my final dream dress, Puppet Circus.
Not a single crack! I was so relieved.
Wrapping ribbon, this print just screams MILK to me, not like that's a bad thing though. I got a tule MILK bow with little pink rhinestones on it to match, too cute!
Beige part of the package!
Big chunky wooden cross is by current crush EGOIST (note to self get more of this seasons crosses)
Brown higwaisted skirt from Innocent World
High heeled loafers in two colours from Esperanza
High heeled oxfords by Randa
Big floppy hat is an offbrand find
Another JSG shirt, I love my blue one to death so I got the pink/black one aswell
LDS red bowler hat
Vivienne Westwood gingham ascott
Union jack skinny tie is an ebay find

fredag 6 maj 2011

Self-supplied treat

How could I resist? I might not have made as much money as I was hoping to on the flee market but I'll still treat myself to a little something-something, after all, it's my birthday soon and I can never have too much of Alice!

"Drink me" perfume necklace by Disney Couture.

tisdag 3 maj 2011

Another picture post

Awsome cookies although I wish there where sugar bows on them or something.

Slippers on! It's important to be comfortable.

Maria posing at ouer table.

Katjas brand The pink fairies along with a bunch of second hand Angelic Pretty items, sweet enough to eat!

Patrick provided the fabulous refreshments just like last year.

Love this pic, everyone is super exited to get in to see the clohes and get warm!

Chowing down on a Megaman cookie, I wasn't in lolita since I spilled my breakfast on my planned outfit, it felt kind of strange! I also think I probably won't wear that much lashes again anytime soon, my eyes looks almost too big.

Johannes, rocking that double layer denim!

Lolitaloppis 2011 video footage

First in line this year! Anastasia from Lund traveled to Stockholm with her boyfriend for the weekend. They had been waiting in line since 06:50 that morning and we didn't open untill 12:00! She says she's really cold but it looking forward to meeting some nice peopel and buying some yellow socks. Her boyfriend says he wasn't super happy with the early start but he wants to support his girlfriend, so sweet!

Amazing line-up just as previous year!

Counting down to opening time!

måndag 2 maj 2011

Lolitaloppis 2011

A gothic table, manned by Victoria and Teppo, I always love their extravagant outfits! They sew and customize a lot themselfs so their decadent ensembles are one of a kind and practically haute couture.Such lovley visitors! I know I always say this but the Swedish lolita comunity really makes me proud, so many beautiful and kind girls and boys with great style!Artist Ulrika Minami-Wärmling who famously does alot of Gothic lolita portraits stopped by with her son Dexter, both insanly cute!

söndag 1 maj 2011

Checking in

After a long day of work and traveling without sleep and food I can finaly check in to my hotel and rewind. When celebrating the holliday of last April & first of May the Swedes really loose it when it comes to their drinking (wich is saying something considering how much we drink on a regular basis), I won't be partying quite as hard! I'm looking forward to digging in on my pizza hut slize and going to bed early, I got a feeling I'll need my energy in the morning.
My post pony tail hair and a little outfit snap in the mirror, the union jack tie is an ebay find that I'm really pleased with.
The room is really nice for a budget single, it's small but got everything but a bathtub and the location is about as good as it gets, right outside the train station. Internet access and breakfast are included aswell.