måndag 26 september 2011

Autumn and time for coats

Autumn is my favourite season, nature is slowly turning golden and the temprature is just right for fabulous fashion. Thick stockings, short boots, scarfs and coats, above all coats. It's probably my favourite clothing item, I never get enough! I've alredy decided on ordering a short Mary Magdalene coat new but I'd still like to get one or two more. I've been looking for one in a slight 60´s style, A-lined, ending above the knee and with three quarter length sleeves and also one with a little bit of military flare. What autumn additions are you guys doing to your closet this year?

fredag 23 september 2011

Bad blogger, no biscuit

So I've definetley been a little bit crap at this latley, I guess I just loose focus sometimes, when a lot of things demand your attention everything tends to get done in a sloppy fashion or not at all. I've been all over the place but I think I'm about to get it together again and I'm grateful that I've managed to keep my readers over this unannounced hiatus, I'll get back to business as soon as possible with the usual shopping updates, some reviews and a couple of doodles. In the meantime I've done a little bit of expanding, as you may or may not have noticed I now have a twitter account as part of the sidebar and you can follow me @milkteabiscuit, I've also added a small playlistat the bottom of the page and I'm working on a tumblr account so hopefully I'll be on a much more frequent schedule for updating in the future.