tisdag 26 juli 2011

Perfect world

In a perfect world, the events in Oslo would have never taken place. I know it's naive but even after the attempts of terror in Stockholm this winter I still thought that something like this was so remote and could never be successfully carried out here. We don't live in a perfect world but my wish is that we will not let theese actions of evil change us.

torsdag 7 juli 2011

Acquisition means life to miserable mortals

New package, I was so worried about this one, lazy summer interns at the post office almost lost it (again?!), but I can't belive how expensive it was when there was almost nothing in it! I need to turn this trend around, I can't keep spendig more and more on things or I don't know what's going to happen. Maybe I'm allowed two more expensive things? A large Vivienne Westwood orb and a Jesus Diamante coat and then it's back to "budget"?
Will I be able to stop?It all depends on whether you have things, or they have you.