onsdag 29 december 2010

Makeup inspiration for new year

This year I decided not to join in with the stressed hoard of girls seaching for the perfect dress for the new years eve party. I knew that if I didn't get around buying MILK's aurora print I would stick to my other blue and sparkley MILK dress. I'll lose the cardigan and wear it with tigh-highs if I dare in this cold, othervise just some nice stockings and simple heels.My challenge will lie in altering myself. I like this make up, it's super dark and dramatic with a nude lip, wonder if I could pull it off, I feel like usualy only one style of make up suits me.
What are you guys doing on new years eve and what are you wearing doing it?

måndag 27 december 2010

söndag 26 december 2010

Sweet sin

Unexpected insight

Christmas day is alwaya spent in the weird haze overeating creates, I spent most of my day infront of the television half asleep. One of the many shows I snoozed through was a french documentary about samer, I guess you could call them the native Swedish? I found it alot more interesting then I thought I would at first, it focused alot on the breeding and keeping of reindeer and doing ones best to survive on what nature provides.
Besides eating the meat from the animals and making shoes and clothing from the skin and fur, they also often used the bones and horns in their handicraft. This is where I got the most intriguing revelation, you often find theese kind of handicraft items at markets or tourist trap kind of shops and even though they are advertised as handmade I guess I always thought there was some element of mass production behind it. The man who was the main subject for the documentary spoke about how empty he felt once a year, just after a very famous market where he sold all his handmade things. He said he had to do it to make sure he and his family had enough money to survive since just keeping reindeers is not a very lucrative business, but it made him really unhappy to give up something he put so much time and love into to total strangers.
Right then I knew just how he felt, I'm the same whenever I sell paintings. I feel a kinda bad for never recognizing that the same amount of effort and care go into something that I've just about always considered to be nothing more than tourist trinkets and souvenirs.

fredag 24 december 2010

Working for the Grinch

I'm pretty exited about Christmas even though I have to work. Of course I wish I could be at home, with my parents and my brothers. My oldest brother just recently got engaged so it would have been lovley to see him and my future sister-in-law, but I'm okay with it. I don't have a tree or alot of presents but I have the christmas spirit. I'll gate crash with a dear friend of mine, his parents are great cooks and make the best potato gratin in the world so surley the food will make up for the loss of everything else.
How are all of you spending it? Home or alone? With a friend or partner? In the snow or on the beach?
I'm probably heading out straight from work tomorrow so if I don't find the time to make another post I would like to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas!

onsdag 22 december 2010

Mask of miracle

söndag 19 december 2010

Under the UK influence

My anglomania always comes and goes but latley it's coming more then it's going! Since I pretty much got the chocoholic out of my shopping system I definetley think I need to feed it a little bit. I want to try and get the JSK union Jack onepiece and I'm thinking about making a skirt inspiered by Tsubasas dress. I remember making a similar, asymetrick skirt when I was younger out of two pirate flags and a bunch of tule. My sewing skills aren't the best but I'm thinking I might be able to pull off something similar, could be fun as a project if nothing else.
Bag is by Paul's Boutique and shoes are Irregular Choice.

Liquiruce candy cane

I'm not really interested in the new carnival horse applique series, I just don't care for it all that much, but do I spy a re-release of the beret? Because I wouldn't mind that!

lördag 18 december 2010

Belated shopping post, the lost package

It's home! This is a pretty smal package, the socks are a gift from my shopping service, they are cute but the dark pink colour on them is a little bit obnoxious. The main point is of course the chocolate ribbon JSK, it's hard to take a picture of the beauty of this dress it's the softest chiffon I've ever seen, the little sleeves flutter like butterfly wings in the wind!I ended up getting the black Egoist tail for my VM bag, I'm happy with my choice, I was worried the silver chain and charm would not go with the antique gold of the bag but I'm not really bothered by it.The Emily temple cute cutsew is super simple, it's basicly just a brown turtleneck but it has the style point of the button up back and the neck ribbon wich is so lovley, makes me want to wear my hair up!And last is Q-pot, my love! I wish I owned a lot more of this brand but it's often a little on the pricy side even if you do get it second hand, I managed to get this pretty cheap though. I got it new and unused in the bag and before I got it out of the plastic I was thinking how yummy it looked but once it got out it smelled really strong of plastic, maybe they have to make it smell artificial so no one accidentaly eats it.
I think maybe this will be the last of my cocoa fashion cravings, I have a pretty nice selection of it by now. I still don't have the melty chocolate OP I guess but since the new series have bleeding lace I'm not sure it's worth the money even if they're not that expensive in auctions anymore, is there anyway to tell if it's the new or the old one from just pictures?
Everything purchased on this recent obsession together in one cooridnate just for giggles.
Chocolate love, next halloween I can go as a milk dud!

fredag 17 december 2010

It's Swenglish, baby!

I always forget that whenever I get acquainted with new people I need to introduce them to my way of speaking. First there is some puzzlement regarding my pronunciatin since I take after my mother and have an atypical accent for the part of Sweden where I was born and raised, but that's nothing compared to the Swenglish! I use so much english in my Swedish that recently at work people have a hard time understanding me and ask me to rephrase it in swedish. I've tried to restrict it but I don't even notice myself doing it anymore. At work they seem to think it's some kind of linguistic jet-lag from living abroad, I won't smash this misconception since it sounds better then the reality where I've simply spent too much time in front of the telly.

torsdag 16 december 2010

There is a God!

And that God is good because after several days of angst and panic, my package made it home to me! I had to go down and ask the peopel at my post office look for it last night and when I went by after work today they had found it! The new stuff is super beautiful, I will probably post it this weekend when I'll have the daylight on my side, it's pretty much pitch black at five!
But I digress, only thing that matters now is that I have my expensive stuff and I'm so happy!

tisdag 14 december 2010

The Cursed dress

I loved it from the start, I saw it and knew we where ment to bee! But it seems faith had other things in mind for us. The whole thing started when I, despite using two different shopping services, couldn't find it in stores. Then began the auction hunting, I got outbid, sniped, won only to find a week later that the seller vanished from the face of the eart. Untill I finaly won. The dress made it into the inovice of my shopping service, it got sent of and when it arrived in Stockholm Maria even saw the dress! It was real!
Then I made what seems to have been the fatal misstake, instead of waiting a week untill I was going to stockholm and pick it up for myself, I asked her to send it. I wanted it as soon as possible!
But the week went, and no package for me.
It's monday and no package for me.
If the postal service have lost this for me I might have to kill myself!

måndag 13 december 2010

Small world

So I went to Stockholm this weekend and instead of lounging about town shopping I ended up at a hotel right next to where Swedens first suicide bomber took his life, I was safe and sound at a resturant with my family and I only noticed the police and fire trucks. I only saw it on the news after I got back to the hotel and then I walked past the place where it happened in the morning. It was a little unsetteling to see, a piece of the wall in the alley had been blown out. As if that wasn't enough for a weekend, when I got back home I got told the bomber comes from the city I live in now, he supposedly went to school with some of my friends and used to live on top of the bar where I've applied for extra houers. I hate theese kind of coincidences, it makes me feel like the world is simply too small!

onsdag 8 december 2010

Curiouser and curiouser...

As I walk, I can feel myself shrinking. The mountains of snow are so high and the valeys of tire tracks on the road so deep, I feel almost comically smal. I watch my feet drown in the vast, cold whiteness. The tall bushes and the majestic trees seem to loom over me with their snow covert crowns. Beyond them, beyond the vault of crystal glass, is the milky way. The Leonid meteors are running along it like mustangs, bucking and rearing with joy and exitement, their burning hair only twinkeling faintley when viewed from this distance. My breath freeze in the midnight air and I wish I was out there with them. I wish to run far away with them to the Eagle nebula and the Galilean moons, but I'm too smal, my legs are far too short to ever run the milky way.

tisdag 7 december 2010


Tsubasa Masuwaka in Angelic Pretty.

söndag 5 december 2010

Christmas wine

I dusted off my antique gold angel jewlery today and the bordeaux onepiece for a little Christmas inspiered outfit. I haven't worn the boater hat that much since I got it, I've been thinking it's a bit too summery but I really love it with this dress.

lördag 4 december 2010

The neglected Christmas spirit

I'm usualy a big fan of christmas, like with every holiday, but this year it seems like it just snook up on me! I haven't had time to do any decoration or baking, the christmas market in my new town didn't have any candy apples and untill yesterday I even forgot the beautiful Advent calendar I got! I'll try to change it now that I'm aware of it, I think I might go buy the ingrediens for a gingerbread house today, I would love to make a castle shaped one but since I'm sort of a novis I think I'll do best to start with the basics. I would like to have that in my kitchen but I still have a ways to go, don't you think?

onsdag 1 december 2010

tisdag 30 november 2010

Vivienne Westwood wishlist

söndag 28 november 2010


Japan just has it all figured out with their dramas, don't they? If you can't find the perfect boyfriend, stop searching and just buy a robotic one.

torsdag 25 november 2010

In keeping of beautiful things: Closet care pt.I

I've had this in mind a long time, even before I moved actually but I think it's better now, my old closet was probably a bit too good. My current closet is a more common walk in with less space and shelfs so let's get to it.
First of all, get out all your stuff and start from scratch, if it's wort doing it's worth doing properly. The same rules as with the jewlery apply here: If you don't love it don't keep it!
Once you're done sorting that out you might want to think over how you want to divide the space, is your closet all lolita or do you have a dress up wardrobe that differ greatly from your everyday things? What's your closet situatuon? Do you have one big space or many small ones? Device a closet plan that caters to your style, your space and your needs.
This is my closet when it's empty, super boring, no shelf for shoes and a hat rack so high up that I actually can't reach it without a chair or something else to stand on.
In short not really my dream space but it's what I got for now.
I would do something about it but the apartment it a rental so I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to tinker around with stuff without upsetting the landlord and I don't even know how long I'm staying here anyway so I'll leave it be for now.First order of business is to find matching hangers for your entire closet, my favourite are theese black plastic hangers that you often get for free when shopping from Innocent world or Baby, the stars shine bright. I know alot of my friends hate them but I love how thin and lightweight they are, especially now that I have a smaler closet. They also fit all kinds of clothes becayse of how many different hooks they have.
As for hanging I have a couple of tips:
  • Don't leave waist ties and bows tied for storage, if you don't tie them at the exact same place when you wear them it leaves the ribbon scrunched in the wrong place.
  • Choose a display order for your clothes, it can be by print, colour, season, brand or whatever you prefer.
  • Have one or a couple of ready coordinations on the hanger for wardrobe emergency occasions.
  • The hangers "hook" shoul be open towards you when it's hanging, it makes it easier to take on and of the rack.
  • If you have irreplaceble or expensive dresses you can give them some extra temporary protection by storing them in the clear plastic covers you get when you buy the dress new or dry clean it. If you're putting it away for a long time you should make a similar case but from a neutral coloured natural fabric.
  • Keep an even space between the hangers and have them all face the same direction or it'll look messy.
  • Don't hang cutsews and knits, they will stretch.

Coats and heavier jackets should probably be hung on sturdier hangers since mine are starting to get slightly bent from the weight. Bloomers and petticoats usualy come with litte ribbons on the inside of the waistband so that they can be hung on the same hangers as everything else but I was lucky enough to find a clip hanger that match my other things perfectly so I use that.That's it for part one!

Overwhelmingly awesome

I'm sure most of you know of/remember the last Q-pot x Sharp colaboration, the melting chocolat phone.
And now it's chapter two, Q-pots popular milk&chocolate biscuit design in the shape of a phone and I want it so much! Will Japanese Sharp phones work in europe? I just know the one I got in japan when I lived there doesn't work here now but it's just a pre-paid from softbank, surley something this fancy should be a little more international?

onsdag 24 november 2010


First of all, I got the job! I'll start in December, just in time for christmas presents. A friend of mine will be working there aswell and the pay is quite good so I'm looking forward to start work and of course to shop until I drop.
Secondly, only two days left on the Kawaiiism/Liz Lisa giveaway so if you haven't alredy voted, please do!
Last but not least, rambeling about clothes! It's really freaking cold here now, it's so windy and snowing just about all the time. I don't know why I never expect it?I miss home where we have an open fire place.
I'm thinking I'll need to buy some sweatshirts and maybe some thicker knits because obviously my blouses and cardigans are not cutting it. I sort of fell in love with this while browsing, cute oversized style with a ginormous ribbon. I think it's by Onespo but I don't know much else, anyone else have some info? Is it old or still available? I sort of like the WC Japan baggy shirt aswell, mostly because it looks comfortable enough to die in but I also find it really funny for some reason. I'm thinking about getting it of the auctions but I'm always so cheap when I'm not buying lolita stuff. The yellow one (the one I like) seems to go for about ¥ 7000 wich is only about half the price of the cardigans and blouses I usualy buy but I'm still hesitant.

måndag 22 november 2010

Japanese food items I didn't expect to miss

Curry Pan
Sort of a non sweet fried doughnut kind of dough filled with vegetable Curry, can be eaten hot and cold and sold at the konbinis and curry resturants. I think I was the only one out of everyone I knew who ate this more then once, I belive a lot of them got an upset stomach from eating it. Even though I was fine after eating them several times I had no clue what kind of cravings I would later develop for theese buns. I have not tried to make this at home yet but I did find alot of recepies when I was browsing for pictures so maybe it's about time. Sugar & butter fried toast
The name pretty much says everything, toast panfried in sugar and butter. I'm pretty sure no one else in my class tried this one, everyone though it sounded pretty nasty and at first I could agree, but after eating it it's quite good! It tasted alot like a sweet pancake! I only ate this once and never saw it at the konbini next to my school again. Meiji chocolate
Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing really weird about meiji, it's a great chocolate! The thing is, if you don't alredy know it, Swedish chocolate is ridicilously delicious and before I went to Japan I thought I would go insane without it, so all the time I though Meiji was just a substitute for Marabou. Since I got home I really miss it though. I didn't think about it at the time but how thin the chocolate bar is makes it so good, it feels light and melts in your mouth. My favourite's Hi-milk and extra milk.

torsdag 18 november 2010

Job interview and more things

I went on my job interview today, it's a job at the callservice (why does that sound like a sex hotline to me?) for a big train company. I think I did okay but there was quite alot of people there so we'll see I guess, the whole looking for a job thing feels kinda stressful so I hope I get it.
I got some new things (again), this big ribbon bag from Emily temple cute. I thought this one was really large for some reason, I guess it just looked like it in the blogs but it's barley larger then a A4 paper. It's still okey, I like it anyway but I really want a much more spacious bag so I guess the search continues.
I also got these socks from Emily temple cute, I love the ribbon & chocolate series, I'm trying to get the dress from it aswell (although I probably won't wear them together, I think that would be a bit much). I'm happy theese are so long, now I can wear them in winter too.

Also, I made it to the top 5 in the giveaway I mentioned earlier, wah I'm so happy! Please vote for me! I'm coordinate C.