söndag 9 december 2012

Today's style point: Eclectic Sherlock

 Outfit rundown:
Coat ~ Ted Baker
Heart cut out leather gloves ~ Minna Parikka
Tule skirt ~ Massimo Dutti
Gel balle flats ~ Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

lördag 8 december 2012

まもなく 高田馬場、高田馬場です。


Homunculus (masculine, Latin for "little man", plural: "homunculi"; from the diminutive of homo) is a term used, generally, in various fields of study to refer to any representation of a human being. In current context, in scientific fields, a homunculus may refer to any scale model of the human body that, in some way, illustrates physiological, psychological, or other abstract human characteristics or functions.

fredag 7 december 2012

Kew gardens & the Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway

I finaly manage to drag my behind out to Kew gardens, I was a bit concerned that I might have left it a bit late for the year, considering that the season has more or less changed over to winter now, but it was still able to keep interest for a day. I really do prefer living in the big city compared to the countryside but I miss nature sometimes so this is a good substitute.
I feel almost kinda weirdly jelous of the huge, victorian greenhouses with their caged rainforests. I want one of those!
 My bangs have grown too long again, I can't make up my mind how to wear my hair so for now I'll just braid it out of my way...
I had been looking forward to the treetop walkway since forever.
I'm definetley going to have to give it a re-visit in spring to see it clad in greenery.
There's something surreal and slightly magical about stroling around in the canopy compleatley unbothered.

tisdag 27 november 2012

Local flavour

I've been traveling around town for my flavour fix, only to find the best Japanese resturant so far just down the street on Baker street. You live and you learn.

söndag 18 november 2012

Autumn wine

Autumn is lasting so long here in London and I couldn't be happier about it.
Autumn is my favourite time of the year with it's bright colours and just the right temperature to justify layers and knits.
I spend long afternoons at cafés, warming my hands on the cup of a sweet, creamy latte or reading in one of the many parks and life just feels perfect.
I feel inspired to do about a million things, including trying a new lipstick.

måndag 29 oktober 2012

Autumnal inspiration

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Calamari & cuteness overload at Columbia road

 Tiny paper man with a gigant bow tie adorning the tip jar in a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.
 Funny fruit stall.
Delicious calamari with lemon & chili sauce.
Spooked spoon!
 Halloween-y art print in one of the shop windows.

söndag 21 oktober 2012

Today's style point: Preppy boy


I should be cleaning my flat since it looks like it was hit by the blitz at the moment, but instead I'll just head out so that I don't have to deal with it. Mature problem solving.  

 Outfit rundown:
Pea coat & Pussy bow blouse ~ Uniqlo
Wool shorts ~ Benetton
Asymmetric argyle tights ~ Vivienne Westwood
Burgundy fringe loafers ~ Pull & Bear

torsdag 11 oktober 2012

Comfort food

I've been having a couple of low mood days, I don't feel homesick but at the same time I don't feel at home yet. I'm like a tree without roots, easy to move, unable to settle.
My best solution is, as always, to spoil myself.
Brunch with eggs Benedict at Valeries and some retail therapy might make things better.

måndag 8 oktober 2012

Asian flavour

Out of pure coinsidence we stumbeled upon a Japanese festival on Trafalga square this weekend, this is what I love about living in the city, constantly new things happening! I've missed a lot of Japanese food so I took this opportunity to sattisfy some of my most pressing cravings.
Macha green tea ice cream
Japanese vegetable curry

söndag 7 oktober 2012

A banquet of beige

A mandatory taster session of British cuisine, rather uniform in colouring.

fredag 5 oktober 2012

Change of scenery

I had a bit of a mini break and took the train to Leeds this week, light shopping, food and attempted clubbing. It's my first outing since getting here and there is something about traveling by train abroad that makes me ridicilously giddy. I like the city quite a lot but I've still managed to miss London.

måndag 1 oktober 2012

Brick lane

Sunday is becoming my market day, went to brick lane this week with  Imogen and indulged my foodie self with exiting and exotic snacks!
Steamed spring onion and egg dumpling.

söndag 30 september 2012

Dolled up for afternoon tea

Finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, a selection of mini pastries and milky Earl Grey tea in St James's Park.

lördag 29 september 2012

Breakfast at Valerie's

Toasted butter croissant and English breakfast tea.

fredag 28 september 2012

Window shopping

fredag 21 september 2012

Best things in life...

...are found at Ladurée!

söndag 16 september 2012

Market day