tisdag 30 november 2010

Vivienne Westwood wishlist

söndag 28 november 2010


Japan just has it all figured out with their dramas, don't they? If you can't find the perfect boyfriend, stop searching and just buy a robotic one.

torsdag 25 november 2010

In keeping of beautiful things: Closet care pt.I

I've had this in mind a long time, even before I moved actually but I think it's better now, my old closet was probably a bit too good. My current closet is a more common walk in with less space and shelfs so let's get to it.
First of all, get out all your stuff and start from scratch, if it's wort doing it's worth doing properly. The same rules as with the jewlery apply here: If you don't love it don't keep it!
Once you're done sorting that out you might want to think over how you want to divide the space, is your closet all lolita or do you have a dress up wardrobe that differ greatly from your everyday things? What's your closet situatuon? Do you have one big space or many small ones? Device a closet plan that caters to your style, your space and your needs.
This is my closet when it's empty, super boring, no shelf for shoes and a hat rack so high up that I actually can't reach it without a chair or something else to stand on.
In short not really my dream space but it's what I got for now.
I would do something about it but the apartment it a rental so I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to tinker around with stuff without upsetting the landlord and I don't even know how long I'm staying here anyway so I'll leave it be for now.First order of business is to find matching hangers for your entire closet, my favourite are theese black plastic hangers that you often get for free when shopping from Innocent world or Baby, the stars shine bright. I know alot of my friends hate them but I love how thin and lightweight they are, especially now that I have a smaler closet. They also fit all kinds of clothes becayse of how many different hooks they have.
As for hanging I have a couple of tips:
  • Don't leave waist ties and bows tied for storage, if you don't tie them at the exact same place when you wear them it leaves the ribbon scrunched in the wrong place.
  • Choose a display order for your clothes, it can be by print, colour, season, brand or whatever you prefer.
  • Have one or a couple of ready coordinations on the hanger for wardrobe emergency occasions.
  • The hangers "hook" shoul be open towards you when it's hanging, it makes it easier to take on and of the rack.
  • If you have irreplaceble or expensive dresses you can give them some extra temporary protection by storing them in the clear plastic covers you get when you buy the dress new or dry clean it. If you're putting it away for a long time you should make a similar case but from a neutral coloured natural fabric.
  • Keep an even space between the hangers and have them all face the same direction or it'll look messy.
  • Don't hang cutsews and knits, they will stretch.

Coats and heavier jackets should probably be hung on sturdier hangers since mine are starting to get slightly bent from the weight. Bloomers and petticoats usualy come with litte ribbons on the inside of the waistband so that they can be hung on the same hangers as everything else but I was lucky enough to find a clip hanger that match my other things perfectly so I use that.That's it for part one!

Overwhelmingly awesome

I'm sure most of you know of/remember the last Q-pot x Sharp colaboration, the melting chocolat phone.
And now it's chapter two, Q-pots popular milk&chocolate biscuit design in the shape of a phone and I want it so much! Will Japanese Sharp phones work in europe? I just know the one I got in japan when I lived there doesn't work here now but it's just a pre-paid from softbank, surley something this fancy should be a little more international?

onsdag 24 november 2010


First of all, I got the job! I'll start in December, just in time for christmas presents. A friend of mine will be working there aswell and the pay is quite good so I'm looking forward to start work and of course to shop until I drop.
Secondly, only two days left on the Kawaiiism/Liz Lisa giveaway so if you haven't alredy voted, please do!
Last but not least, rambeling about clothes! It's really freaking cold here now, it's so windy and snowing just about all the time. I don't know why I never expect it?I miss home where we have an open fire place.
I'm thinking I'll need to buy some sweatshirts and maybe some thicker knits because obviously my blouses and cardigans are not cutting it. I sort of fell in love with this while browsing, cute oversized style with a ginormous ribbon. I think it's by Onespo but I don't know much else, anyone else have some info? Is it old or still available? I sort of like the WC Japan baggy shirt aswell, mostly because it looks comfortable enough to die in but I also find it really funny for some reason. I'm thinking about getting it of the auctions but I'm always so cheap when I'm not buying lolita stuff. The yellow one (the one I like) seems to go for about ¥ 7000 wich is only about half the price of the cardigans and blouses I usualy buy but I'm still hesitant.

måndag 22 november 2010

Japanese food items I didn't expect to miss

Curry Pan
Sort of a non sweet fried doughnut kind of dough filled with vegetable Curry, can be eaten hot and cold and sold at the konbinis and curry resturants. I think I was the only one out of everyone I knew who ate this more then once, I belive a lot of them got an upset stomach from eating it. Even though I was fine after eating them several times I had no clue what kind of cravings I would later develop for theese buns. I have not tried to make this at home yet but I did find alot of recepies when I was browsing for pictures so maybe it's about time. Sugar & butter fried toast
The name pretty much says everything, toast panfried in sugar and butter. I'm pretty sure no one else in my class tried this one, everyone though it sounded pretty nasty and at first I could agree, but after eating it it's quite good! It tasted alot like a sweet pancake! I only ate this once and never saw it at the konbini next to my school again. Meiji chocolate
Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing really weird about meiji, it's a great chocolate! The thing is, if you don't alredy know it, Swedish chocolate is ridicilously delicious and before I went to Japan I thought I would go insane without it, so all the time I though Meiji was just a substitute for Marabou. Since I got home I really miss it though. I didn't think about it at the time but how thin the chocolate bar is makes it so good, it feels light and melts in your mouth. My favourite's Hi-milk and extra milk.

torsdag 18 november 2010

Job interview and more things

I went on my job interview today, it's a job at the callservice (why does that sound like a sex hotline to me?) for a big train company. I think I did okay but there was quite alot of people there so we'll see I guess, the whole looking for a job thing feels kinda stressful so I hope I get it.
I got some new things (again), this big ribbon bag from Emily temple cute. I thought this one was really large for some reason, I guess it just looked like it in the blogs but it's barley larger then a A4 paper. It's still okey, I like it anyway but I really want a much more spacious bag so I guess the search continues.
I also got these socks from Emily temple cute, I love the ribbon & chocolate series, I'm trying to get the dress from it aswell (although I probably won't wear them together, I think that would be a bit much). I'm happy theese are so long, now I can wear them in winter too.

Also, I made it to the top 5 in the giveaway I mentioned earlier, wah I'm so happy! Please vote for me! I'm coordinate C.

måndag 15 november 2010

New items

I did some shopping with my mom this weekend, I got some new things for the home, a pair of shoes and I found a Noa Noa store! It's a really cute brand, I splurged on some nice thick tights for winter, I think they will go great with Emily temple cute style. The middle pair sparkles in gold!
And today when I got back home the mailman knocked on the door with this in his arms:
A Victorian Maiden regimental stripe bag, so lovley! This is my first Victorian Maiden item. The style of this, compared to many of my other bags, is really mature and I think that will be a good thing to have in my closet. I still want to put a little something on it to make it more personal, I was thinking about a fox tail but the question is: Wich colour?Theese are the two I like! A mixed brown one by Onespo and a jet black one by EGOIST.
What do you think, brown or black?

Kawaiiism giveaway

Reminds me of the fact that I was planning to do that aswell but now I might aswell wait for it to hit 200.
I rarley partake in giveaways, mainly because they tend to be sort of lottery like and I'm so unlucky by nature, but this one was acctualy super fun to do!
And it doesn't hurt that I really want that adoreble knitted hat, if your not competing yourself, please hold your fingers crossed for me and give me a vote if I'm lucky enough to make it to the final 5
I took the chance to do another paint coordination, it's been a while but I acctualy love drawing in paint (although I apparently can't write in it for shit). I did a pretty Liz lisa-esque coordinate for fall, a loose fitted top and a sling bag makes for a relaxed, comfortable and practical outfit. Mixing argyle and tartan is also a favourite of mine, if you keep them the both in the same range of colours I don't think it looks too busy. To top it off, this falls trends in shape of a fox fur tail, some furry boot stoppers and of course the ribbon adorned hat.
I don't really wear gyaru but I could definetley go shopping like this!

fredag 12 november 2010

Daily coordination and going to see mom

Lager håller värmen i snön, nu beger jag mig till Linköping för att träffa mor över helgen. När jag kommer tillbaka så hoppas jag på att ha mer energi, inte bara för bloggandet, jag skulle behöva rycka upp migsjälv överlag.
Jag har gjort vad jag tror blir den sista garderobs räden på länge och resultatet finns upplagt till försäljning på Gothloli som vanligt.
Translation: I'm going to see mom over the weekend and I hope that when I come back I will have a lot more energy for blogging and for life in general. I did another closet clean so for those interested I now have a bunch of stuff for sale at gothloli. If you are interested in something but not a member feel free to send me an email.

måndag 8 november 2010

Current craving: Big Samantha Thavasa bag

fredag 5 november 2010

A twist of tartan

Of course I had to have something this awsome in my beauty box, how could I resist? The packaging is so gorgeous with a velvety feel top in tartan adorned with the golden MAC emblem. I got the Happily ever after lip kit and the Lassie Eyes eye kit. I kind of wimped out on the colours and went with what I always use with pink lips and brown eyes but I still look forward to trying them out and I'm pretty exited for the tin box release in December, I want some of those lip glosses.I even got some pretty nice freebies so I'm super pleased!