onsdag 20 augusti 2008

Sunday, Kagrra day!

Concert day! I was the only one in ouer house who wore lolita that day so naturaly I finished last *_*, We bought some fabric to make black and white hankies to dance with and then we mostly qued for the rest of the day. It was rainy and there where rats there but we still managed to entertain ouerselfs.A dangerosly hot Ylva and me.I found a fellow lolita! Bella and me, shilded from rain and tourist cameras by my Swimmer umbrella.
Stock photo since as usual no cameras where allowed (they where all much better looking irl). The concert was so awsome! They are just great live and I'm glad I went even though I got kind of squashed in the rather wild crowd. I got a signed copy of Core with me as a memory that has been spinning in my CD player ever since.
After the concert we ran into Peter Siepen and got a picture with him, Tokis was so happy!


After a late arival and a friday night of Kikujiros Summer with Sara, Joakim, Tokis and Ylva, we met up with bella and Sara & Maja Me, Sara and Bella. The tourists where rather rude and kept snaping ouer picture without permission, it got quite annoying.
Me and Ylva on the subway to the museum of natural history where we spent most of the day. We later headed out to Panda Wok for dinner, I ordered dumplings with high hopes but they turned out to be quite disgusting. I think this was some sort of irony or revenge of faith since I earlier that day got the best cake at the café we stoped by.

fredag 15 augusti 2008

Going to STHLM, brb

onsdag 13 augusti 2008

Café sweets

Yay! I got to go out for cake! Spent the day with Vilya and Fred at the café, pretending to work on the comic because not a whole lot got done in like three houers. It was still nice though, beside the fact that we had some thunder. Me and a little hamster plushi we found in some store, I really liked it.

tisdag 12 augusti 2008

Eak a spider!

When I woke up this morning I felt a slight tickle on my neck, thinking it was hair I tried to brus it of and suddenley felt the tingly feeling WALK down my shoulder. I Jumped up with a shiek to notice that I had an eight legged visitor in my bed. One of those small, long legged thingys. Even though it did not hurt me I was starteled to the point where I felt forced to flush it down the toilet. Why did this happen? Don't I move my stuff around enough? Do I have to much things? Don't I dust enough? Do I need to vacum more often? I do not want my precious sleep disturbed by any nasty creepy crawlies! What can I do to avoid it?

fredag 1 augusti 2008

Early bird special

I can't sleep anymoore. The average day latley is me going to bed, not really tired at all, at around 4:00~4:30am and then waking up again around 8:00~9:00am, unable to sleep any moore. My pattern of sleep seam to resemble that of a bear moore than a human since I in wintertime can't seam to drag myself out of bed even if my life depended on it.

I like the mornings, the smoldering heat has yet to kick in and my annoying neighbours are still fast asleep. The air is nice and warm, not scorching like during the day and you hear all the birds twittering. I get up and make some fresh fruit pie out of my homegrown strawberries and some blueberries I bought yesterday. I love my new portionsized pie jars, I got all four of them for 25kr. I take my fresh baked pie and a huge cup of vanilla tea with milk (that tea is never as good as I expect it to be)and go out in the garden. My cat is playing nearby and the air is humming with bees, it's so perfect it feels unreal. And I'm happy for once.