tisdag 29 juli 2008

Antique bakery

Alright, alright, I'm so exited I feel like I should be breathing in a paper bag or something, ANYWAY! I was browsing for a Antique Bakery (one of my favourite mangas) wallpaper for my desktop and stumbeled across this picture A few clicks later and I find out that they are making a 12 episode live action series of it, and as if that was not enough, Kim Jae Wook(spelling?) is starring as Yusuke Ono(who will be called Son Woo) and phew, he is one fiiiiine looking fellow *_* According to what I can find out it's alredy airing so I just need to get a hold of it. Here's some interwiev with the actors, they seam to find the host a bit annoying I think, but then again, I think I would to
There is also a anime version, however I'm not to fond of that one, I don't like the way it's drawn, it doesn't look like Fumi Yoshinagas style, although it has the most adoreble intro, check it out @ around 3:05;

söndag 27 juli 2008

OP for autumn

This feels like the year. Since I first started wearing lolita way back I'v wanted a longsleeved OP with a high neck. I'v made several of them myself but since I'm quite a poor seamstress it doesnt count. Along with all the other stuff I'm constantly looking for on auctions, this year I'll be browsing for something along the lines of this, from favourite brand Baby, the stars shine bright Or this dream dress from Mary Magdalene, I am curious to weather it would fit me or not, I have heard that they are really tine unfortunaly ;A; With thick black stockings, high heels and my black half-bonnet, it won't only look dangerously fabulous, It will also be quite warm.

lördag 26 juli 2008

Odin's sphere and dreams of cosplay

I know I'm obsessing about this game but, it's totaly awsome and I cant stop. I really want this artbook. It makes me wanna cosplay aswell, probably as Gwendolyn since so far, she is doubtlessly the best character and she has the most wicked costumes aswell. The armour suit thingy is awsome but if thats a bit too revealing, I could always go with the gown look. Even if I don't go for the cosplay I think I'll try to make the feathery things she has in her hair because I convince myself it will look cool and not like a chicken at all.

Metamorphose in my closet

I love meta, it's comfy, cute and very casual. It looks and feels effortless. And meta on auktion is even better, because it's understated and cheap! <3 A pair of my dream shoes for the buy-out price of 12000yen and a big, beautiful sholder bag for the opening price of 7400yen.

The autumn school series backpack is not quite as cheap, at 32800yen it probably won't be apart of my winter closet but a girl can dream, can't she? I might consider getting the dress and a jacket in gray though, it's quite simple but I think it's cute.

torsdag 24 juli 2008

I'm lazy

Todays snack is store-bought brownies and milky indian spice tea with honey. And since I'm feeling fat today, I'll take two pices, take that logic!

måndag 21 juli 2008

Me, my face, and I

I would never claim to be a self confident girl, but for the most part I don't hate the way I look either, I feel like I can work with it. But it needs just that, WORK! Freckels needs to be covered, pale eyelashes needs to be painted, thin hair needs to be teased and the bangs have to be immaculate. There are more things that don't belong in my face, like the slight bump on my nose, the flat part of my chin and the dark cirkels around my eyes, but theese are things I can not fix, just hide. My face, as it is, is not how I picture myself. Even though I often see myself without makeup or styled hair I feel like I'm not myself when I get out of the shower or wake up in the morning, I'm not even a person, just raw material.
Why am I so empty?

tisdag 8 juli 2008

Girl got game

Now I'll play untill my fingers bleed.

måndag 7 juli 2008

Ice tea and soupe de melon

Todays lunch, It't the first time my melon soup was a success! I know it's usualy served as a desert but it's delicious so whatever. I feel like such a top chef even though it's barley any acctual cooking involved. I also made like 5 liters of strawberry~lemon ice tea since the summer heat is back again. And look! My first strawberries! Theres only a handful ripe ones but they are reeeaally tasty~

torsdag 3 juli 2008

strawberry fields

I got sum green ass strawberries already! I just planted them like last week, I can't wait for them to ripe so I can harvest the fruit of my labour -3-