måndag 26 maj 2008

Gustav III

Just got home from a weekend in STHLM, at large it was a catastrophe, I hate to spend time with my dad and my brother, it's like being part of one of thoose angsty british comedy shows where you don't know if you should laugh because it's so absurdly uncomfortable or have a nervous breakdown.

But the whole weekend wasn't a failure, the balle was just beautiful! The dancing, the clothes, the story, it was all exactley to my likeing. I eaven sort of kind of fell in love with the dancer portraying the king. I'm such a dork but I have a hard time resisting the look of 18-19th century fashion, especialy on men, I find mens fashion nowdays to be dreadfully unatractive. Jeans are taking over the world and I'm not likeing it one bit!

The one thing I didn't quite get was that the very last scene was like two ppl dancing in really tight skincoloured tights (it looked like they where naked, I acctually gasped when they got on stage), what the hell did that have to do with anything?