söndag 29 juni 2008


The neighbour is just barbequing away and the sweet smell of grill sauce soaked meat makes my mouth water, I WANT TO EAT IT! It's not like I wanna nibble on a meatball or so, I feel like gnawing the meat of the bone on a big juicy steak. GOD what's wrong with me? I'm such an animal, I feel like a cavewoman!

But I'm not, I won't give in, instead, I will treat myself to a small feast of my favourite things. Fresh tomato and basil soup and a cherry jam sandwich, quite frankly delicious! Who needs meat.

lördag 28 juni 2008

Project runway season 4 Winner

I'm so happy, my favourite won this year! Even though he's a bit obnoxious and loud I just loved him from day one, ah, I blame the ruffels! <3 I think it shows he got some influences from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen wich could explain my infatuation with him.
I totaly love this from his final collection, a gorgeous jacket with a huge frilly neckpiece, I would so wear it, maybe minus the hat though
I find this very appealing aswell, I'd like to dress like that if I only was way taller and had some skinny ass legs. TAT

måndag 16 juni 2008


Got my wig today but I can't say I'm really pleased, it's so short, barley longer than my own hair and the colour is rather weird. Oh well, it was cheap so whatever

onsdag 11 juni 2008

Confidence Booster

I haven't been feeling to great about myself latley, my skin is not what it used to be due to stress and the heat and the sun and my hair is a mess. I bought a wig to cover it for now and when I can aford it I'll schedule time at the hairdressers.

torsdag 5 juni 2008

Dead never looked this good

Last day of school is all fun and games and dressing up. My class is zombies, I think we did a pretty kick ass job even though we didn't win. It was pretty expected, we wheren't in it to win it, we just wanted to have a good time and I think we got it.

I can't belive it's just about over now, we have had some great times, I'll really miss all of them... I hope we will keep in touch in some way.