torsdag 17 november 2011


I've had a little bit of a rough time latley, I quit my job and a bad breakup caused me to loose both my partner and most of the friends we shared so after that I've moved to a new apartment and a new town. I don't really know anyone here so it's definetley been lonley. Although I manage quite well on my own I do miss being able to talk to someone, wich is why I'm looking forward to a weekend in Stockholm even more then usual. We'll be celebrating the five year aniversery of ouer Lolita forum aswell, unfortunaly we wont be joined by as many members as I would have hoped for but its always fun to finaly meet people in the flesh, regardless the headcount.

söndag 13 november 2011

Dragon's Crown

And the PS3 paid it's due

lördag 12 november 2011

Pretty much...