fredag 17 februari 2012

Palty hair dye mini review

So I got a couple of requests to elaborate on my experience with colouring with Palty. I know a lot of girls are hesitant to use their dyes if they don't have dark or asian hair, thinking it won't work for them. Palty have a bit of a reputation of being really strong and bleaching.
First of all, my hair is recovering nicely from the shock and is silky and soft again, thank God! I was so afraid I would have to cut it again. I've been growing it out for quite a while now but the progress is really super slow so I didn't want a huge setback.This is a bit better picture of how it looks now, the light in my bathroom is really yellow so these are more accurate. I personaly don't know where the rumors that it doesn't work for caucasian girls started, I can't say enough good things about it too be honest. My natural colour is blond and my hair is rather typical nordic hair (really fine) and I find that it works great.As I wrote in the last post I used the Milk tea brown this time.
My last colour before this was blonde and I got that with the Palty Golden Bleach.Both times it turned out just the way I wanted, comparing it to the box pictures I think it's quite close and it gave a really eaven result aswell!I would encourage you to try it out if there are any colours you're interested in, they are quite a few of the shades that are hard to get right when trying to explain to a hairdresser and I've been really happy with the results every time, just make sure you do the allergy test first!

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Nana sa...

Your new hair color looks really cute! :D

Catalina sa...

Så fint det blev <3

Jag har velat testa att färga mitt hår ljust ett bra tag men är rädd för att skada mitt hår. Jag har nästan svart hår och ganska tjockt och folk säger till mig att det är jätte svårt att färga mörkt hår ljust och att det sliter as mycket på håret så lilla jag har inte vågat proma ;__;

Tally sa...

love the Milk Tea colour on you! I've been wanting to try Palty but as you said, I was afraid it wouldn't work with caucasian hair. I think I will give it a go now after seeing your great results :)

Josephine Valentine sa...

Nana: Thankyou

Catalina: Om du inte har färgat håret innan är det inte lika illa, det sliter mindre att färga ljust från din naturliga hårfärg än om du färgat det mörkt och sedan ska bleka bort det. Dock skulle jag nog rekomendera att göra det hos frisör om de är första gången.

Tally: Thankyou, I really like it too! Hope it turns out great for you, I just love the brand.

aMz88 sa...

great results :D hi Josephine, nice to meet you :3 im a new follower :) pls visit my blog too and feel free to follow back, arigatou gozaimas ;)
~aMz/aimee kheir

Josephine Valentine sa...

aMz88: Hi, welcome Aimee! ^^ I'll be sure to check out your blog too ~