fredag 14 oktober 2011

Rassle tassle

This style of earring seems rather fashionable this autumn, since ordering them I've even found them in some Swedish shops but I'm still glad I went with EMODA since the quality is a lot better, I definetley want to get them in a bunch of different colours now.

fredag 7 oktober 2011


I usualy wear quite a lot of make up, even on a daily basis as you might have noticed, but latley I'm obsessing over glossy, foundationfree skin and a more natural look. I've always thought that skin with any kind of shine looks kind of sweaty or greasy so I tend to wear a lot of powder for a really eaven, matte look but out of the blue I've changed my mind. I've been painting a lot with oil latley and I think that's what got me. Classical paintings really show the beauty of skin with natural shine and shifting nuances. Since my skin is naturaly bone dry it doesn't have that kind of glow on it's own I'm currently faking it with my new favourite makeup product, my chapstick! What do you prefer for everyday wear? Natural or heavier make up?