torsdag 28 oktober 2010

A mini shopping post

I think, in the story of my style life, the chapter of fall 2010 will be known as the Chocolate Era, or maybe, depending who the author is, the brown period but that doesn't sound quite as appealing.
In any case, here are my latest buys, sort of a mini tartan sack dress and the melty chocolate bar sling bag both by Angelic Pretty. I got the dress for the combination of colours in the tartan, baby pink and brown with a hint of blue it's like candy for the eyes.
I love the open, lace-up back! Lovley detail, I always like a beautiful back on dresses, it makes them more three-dimensional.
It also has back pockets on the butt with huge ribbons of course, so cute! And finaly, a little old V.S new with the chocolate bag, maybe this is common knowledge and I'm just a big doodoo head for not realising that the new shoulder strap style is acctually a lot smaller! I still love it though.

A Tale of Tartan

Usualy, when it comes to fashion as well as make up, I tend to stick to one brand for the retarded reason that it always looks good together. Even though I'm quite dedicated to Anna Sui and her trademark rose scented cosmetics I must admit there is some competition for this fall simply because, in case you didn't know this, I LOVE TARTAN, especially for autumn!
God bless your stylishness MAC.

måndag 25 oktober 2010

New carpet

fredag 22 oktober 2010

onsdag 20 oktober 2010


Like it wasn't enough fanservice that the animation studio responsible for the Professor layton movie have come out promising one Layton movie a year like an awsome yearly christmas gift for the fans, now they drop this epic colaboration on us!

I had to restrain myself not to do this entire entery in Caps Lock.

måndag 18 oktober 2010

Cracking nuts

The new Angelic Pretty print is all the rage as per usual but I'm not too exited, I know I always change my mind but this time I feel pretty sure I won't be getting it. I, like everyone else, love the military inspiered velvet top part of the jsk(both military and furry boot stoppers seems to be style decending trends this fall) but since I don't care for the print I would rather see the top in combination with a striped velvet skirt part, like my ribbon ornament JSK, for a look inspiered by a circus ringleader. Now that's a dress you could sign me up for.

lördag 16 oktober 2010

Thoughts of hair

It's getting to be time to pay the hairdresser another visit and I'm thinking about what kind of style to get. Last time I basicly got Makis cut from the melty chocolate add although mine's a bit lighter brown so my caramel blond streaks don't really show all that well.I like the style on her but I don't really want to go that dark brown and since it is a little bit more expensive to get a two tone done at the salong I've been thinking about getting blunter strands of lighter hair so it really shows.Option number one, and my favourite at the moment, would be to go half and half. It might be a good idea since I always have a hard time deciding if I should be a blond or brunette and with the colour shades Kumiko has I strangley don't think it looks all that fake either. Options number two and three are basicly the same idea but just placed diffrently. Number two is broad streaks from the roots that frames the face and number three (Is Niki Minaj really the only example I could find of this style?) keeps the streaks in the neck and gives just a pop of lightness (or colour as is the case with the IRL example picture).
I havn't quite made up my mind just yet, I still need to find a good salong in my new city anyway but I'm thinking that two and three, although they would probably offer real fun styling options, might not be right for me. What do you guys think, a cute two tone do or maybe just stick with more classic one colour style?

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

Trying to devise a (closet) plan

I'm thinking I might need to buy another bookshelf to keep my shoes and bags in since my stuff is sort of scattered all over the place now. The downside is that it probably wouldn't fit inside my walk in closet without eating up alot of hanging space. I would feel kind of weird putting it in the living room so I was thinking about maybe divide my clothes in some way and put them in the small wardrobes in the bedroom aswell to make room but then again it's still not all in one place like I want it. I miss my old roomy closet, the build in shelf wall was particularly practical, when I get a better space I need to recreate that somehow.
Edit: Dear sweetie Maria is selling a couple of my dresses on my behalf on EGL, since I really need the money please have a look here! It's for international buyers, prices include worldwide shipping.

tisdag 12 oktober 2010

Le livre des bêtes enchantées

Min sagovärld vol. II: De förtrollade djuren
It reads:
To ouer daughter Irene from mom and dad, Christmas 1957. In memory of childhood storytimes.Volume two includes:
Rävmor och pojken~The mother fox and the boy
Bror och syster~Brother and sister
Elddonet~The tinder box
Den förtrollade katten~The enchanted cat
Prinsessan som blev en korp~The princess who turned into a raven
Sköldpaddan~The turtle
De vilda svanarna~The wild swans
Hjorten med silverhornen~The deer with silver horns
Snövit och rosenröd~Snow white and rose red
Blondine, hinden och katten~Blondine, the deer and the cat
Grodprinsessan~The frog princess
Den gyllene fågeln~The golden bird
De sju korparna~The seven ravens
Den strimmiga katten~The striped cat
Den vackra falken~The beautiful falcon

Winter coat get

Mary Magdalena coat from last year.
I originaly wanted to get a Victorian Maiden coat but since that one would set me back about ¥60,000 and the one I got was a second hand steal at just below ¥20,00 I let my wallet make the decision. Ithink they are pretty similar an it fulfills the most important criteria of colour and fur so I'm pleased with it.

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

måndag 4 oktober 2010

Homemade doughnuts

Inspiered by Little bears café?

söndag 3 oktober 2010


My favourite natural phenomenon in a dress by MILK.

Blackcurrant mousse

With coconut shavings and kiwi, delicious and it matches my china.