torsdag 31 december 2009

A new decade ahead

Leaving the double zero decade behind us now, I still remember what it was like at the end of 1999 with all the hysterics and novelty gadgets, hard to think it has alredy been ten years. I must be getting old. My new years resolution this year is basicly the same I gave in secret last year, I usualy don't go official with my resolutions since then I won't be the only one to notice when I mess up but I will try my best to take better care of relationships to friends and family that I love and try to eat healthier.
How will you try to improve yourself this year?
Happy new years to everyone, I hope you have a wonderfull last night of 2009!

fredag 25 december 2009


This years favourite Christmasgift might be the one I got for myself, I really love this dress! The print is so adoreble, I'm thinking about turning one of my antique teaspoons into a necklace for this outfit.

Good morning world

Jetlag, or something like it, causes me to wake up, fully rested at about 03:15. "Who am I to fight nature?" I think and get out of bed to clean my room and organize my closet. At 07:15 I have a double ham sandwich and half a liter of Julmust for breakfast whilst everyone else is still asleep. I love being home again.

torsdag 24 december 2009

Merry christmas greetings from Sweden

I'm finaly home after a long journey wich was full of adversities but right now I'm too happy to be at home with my family on Christmas to complain about it, maybe later.
Merry Christmas everybody, let's hope it's extra frilly this year!

tisdag 22 december 2009

Holiday sweets giveaway

Time to get into the giving holiday spirit and have a Christmas giveaway! It's no secret I got a bit of a sweet tooth and all autumn I'v been rubbing that in your faces with posts of fun and delicious japanese candy but enough of that! I'm now giving away one package of all my favourites, and also the absolute worst one as an add on bonus, just because I know you are too curious not to want to taste carrot and apple chocolate.
Standard rules apply, what you need to do to have a shot at winning is leave a comment with your name and mail adress. Give yourself an extra chance by spreading the word on your blog and send me the link. Contest ends at 10/1 2010 and is open for anyone in this gallaxy.
Good luck and have a sweet Christmas everyone!
In the pot:
KitKat Sparkeling strawberry
KitKat Royal milk tea
KitKat Ginger ale
KitKat Apple and carrot
Look Caffé a la mode
Look Strawberry cream
Look a la mode

måndag 21 december 2009

Starry, starry night

Slightly drunk on a school night again, thought I promised myself not to do that but todays Christmasparty was really enjoyable! I tried new kinds of food, drank alot and got to know peopel at the guesthouse a little bit more. I also just came back to my room to notice that I won the auctions I was bidding on and that I'm now, finaly, the happy owner of Angelic Pretty's Milky Way and a matching cardigan as an add on bonus.

söndag 20 december 2009

It's a perfect day atleast

From the window of my second floor room I can reach out and pick this autumns last kaki from the withering tree in the garden.

fredag 18 december 2009

Parafait A La School

I had my final exam for this semester today, there has been alot of tests and homework latley but now it's over atleast. I hope I did well enough to proceed to the next level in january but you never know I suppose. We'll get ouer results on monday and untill then I will sleep and celebrate the lack of schoolwork with chocolate.

onsdag 16 december 2009


My new favourite thing: Wooden biscuit shaped accessories.


Creamcolour and fur, could this be the first small step towards natural-kei?
Maybe but maybe not since it is topped of with an Angelic Pretty purchase.

tisdag 15 december 2009

Roberto and his Umeshu

Such a fun, lovable and seemingly carefree guy.
I want to be inspiered and try to be more like that...

måndag 14 december 2009


Elite Banana

Sweets paradise

One houer and all the cake, ice creme and other sweets you can stuff your face with. I think I have found the reason the babydoll dress was invented.

lördag 12 december 2009

Sparkeling strawberry

Not only is it pink, it's delicious!

fredag 11 december 2009

The food I crave

No.1: Tortellini in garlic sauce
No.2: Italian tomato soup with chunky garlic croutons
No.3: Pancakes drenched in maple syrup
No.4: Swedish Christmas food
No.5: Eggy in a basket


Peopel around me here in Japan are slowly switching from calling me Josephinesan to Josephinechan, shouldn't it be the other way around as I'm not getting younger?

torsdag 10 december 2009

Objects & emotions

Jag känner väldigt mycket på sistone, alldeles för mycket för att jag skall förstå det, kanske är det något att återkomma till vid senare tillfälle, kanske inte. En klarhet i kaoset är känslan av att jag är mycket starkare än vad jag någonsin trott att jag var. Det och glädjen över att jag vann Rose toile halsbandet på auktion.
I'm feeling alot latley, too much for my brain to comprehend, I may or may not get back to that point later. The one feeling that I can make out for sure is that I'm way stronger then I ever gave myself credit to be. That and I'm happy I won the Rose toile necklace on auction.


Today was the last day for my most charming brazilian classmate, Roberto, who will be returning back home for work. I think it will feel quite empty in the classroom after he's gone and it brought me back to the reality of how fleeting the friendships I make here are. I will probably remember all of them for more or less all of my life due to the circumstances we got to know each other, alone, far away from ouer families in a country where we don't speak the language, extraordinary circumstances. But in little more then three months I will return back home, probably for good, and I wonder how many of the peopel I meet will I ever see again?

tisdag 8 december 2009

Shinjuku, sparkeling in the morning sun

måndag 7 december 2009

How to develop a midlife crisis at ten

I know the whole thing with emphasis on youth is a worldwide phenomenon and hardly something exclusive for Japan but I still feel like babies marketing my lipgloss is a little extreme.

söndag 6 december 2009

La maison

My friends at home are having a lolita brunch meetup in Stockholm this weekend and I of course couldn't be there in person but I shared their spirit by eating a silly amount of food today.
Smoked duck sallad.
Tender beef with owen roasted vegetables and grilled asparagus.
Afternoon tea set with milky tea, caramel and pistache macarons, cheddar cheese croissants, tosca and a mixed berry cake.
Non-japanese food, how I have missed thee.

lördag 5 december 2009

New layout!

I'm sorry if the blogg has been a little bit messy this week but I'm done now! I really like the three column look alot better since it feels more balanced and I hope the new colour scheme is warmer and more welcoming.
Maybe I'll tinker around with the colours of the text a little bit more since it seems hard to read in places but other then that this is the new look, do you like it?

fredag 4 december 2009

Layton bread

Awsome! It even comes complete with a little puzzle on the back to ponder on whilst you are eating.

torsdag 3 december 2009

School style

Remember last autumns jawdropper from Metamorphose? That cool, cute and ridicilously expensive school bag that worked as a briefcase and a backpack? Everyone wanted it and no one could afford it and it still managed to sell out. Well I got one. I know it might seem like a bit unnecessary since I not that long ago got a similar schoolbag from Angelic pretty but it is not.
It was totally necessary sine the Metamorphose bag still has it's tags on, telling me the whopping store price of this beauty without me having to pay it. I got mine for an unbeliveble 7000yen at the Closet Child shop in Ikebukuro, best purchase ever!

onsdag 2 december 2009

The definition of OTT

Angelic Prettys latest, ridicilously decked out velvet creation reminds me of the kind of birthday cards I made when I was a youngster where I would just pour glue on a piece of coloured paper and stick glitter and ribbons and shit on like there was no tomorrow and then go crazy with crayons all over the place... And not in a good way.