fredag 28 mars 2008

sick and tired

My tummy has been hurting pretty bad but I figured it was because all of the crappy candy I got in my easter egg but I ate the last of it on like sunday so I figure it should have passed by now so I asked my mum and she said that it might be my appendix and that I should go to the hospital and check it out. I'm scared as hell, what if I have to remove it? It's not like I can't live without an appendix cuz I figure I'll survive that but it's the anaesthesia that freaks me out. I'v only ever had it once before and at the time I was aparently asleep like two houers longer than what they intended for me to be. What if I won't wake from it this time? Then I'll be sleeping for ten years and wake up to find out the world has been taken over by zombies or something like that. Or I'll just die. That would suck pretty bad.

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Maria sa...

Get better soon!