onsdag 17 september 2008


I'm in such an awful mood, I just want to have a little fun but everything feels like such a chore, I don't know what would make it better. I need to buy tickets for sthlm soon, I'll probably leave on friday since Sara guilt tripped me into it. I hope it will be fun but I think that there is, once again, some ppl I don't wich makes me nervous. I also don't know what to pack, I'm so tiered of my clothes at the moment, I don't want cute prints, I want black! I am also annoyed since I noticed another Angelic Pretty dress with a seam that needs to be fixed, I though I was paying for quality? Wonder if peopel will dissaprove if I show up wearing a trashbag.

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m(~__~m)~~~~ sa...

I'm going to pack all boring crap because I'm not in the mood for anything I own at the moment. I'm stressing out, I haven't packed anything and I won't have time for packing tomorrow D: