fredag 30 april 2010

In keeping of beautiful things: Antique frame earring holder

I love beautiful things and I also love to display them in a beautiful way, so that I can enjoy them every day!
So I was thinking I'll start a little mini series here on Alice café, with simple tips on how to store your precious possessions in style.
First up is an baroque earring holder, to keep your beauties from getting tangeled.
Materials needed for this tutorial:
  • Antique looking frame, leftover from one of my artshows, it was about 30kr at a junk store.
  • A beautiful fabric, for me it's burgundy velvet leftover from a chair I redressed.
  • A thicker felt fabric.

Remove the glass and instead of a picture, put the fabric in the frame. Put the board back behind the fabric and draw around it, cut the thick fabric to the correct size so it will fit in the frame. The felt will be what the earrings hang on to so if you have heavy studs or a thinner felt you might have to take two or three layers of it.
Put the board back in place and cut the excess velvet before you secure the back of the frame. You can pre-cut the velvet just like the felt but my piece, since it's a scrap, just barley covers the frame on the sides as it is.

Now it's it's just about done, all it needs is some earrings! I love it in this stage, I think it looks sort of like an old brooch.All Done! The jewelry is as beautiful as a piece of art and we have an earring holder fit for any princess, made entirely from scraps around my house!

See you next time lovlies ~

5 kommentarer:

Sigrid sa...

Hur gulligt som helst!
Är sugen på att göra en likadan nu :)

Anonym sa...

Thanks for the comment, little princess!

By the way, this tutorial is great. It's wonderfull idea to create very pretty little things, for ourselves and even a gift.

Thanks again for the idea and the tutorial ♥

Josephine Valentine sa...

Sigrid: Det är busenkelt så bara att sätta igång ;D
Sachiko: Your welcome sweetie ~♥

Susann sa...

Vad duktig du är!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Susann: Tack så mycket!