fredag 7 december 2012

Kew gardens & the Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway

I finaly manage to drag my behind out to Kew gardens, I was a bit concerned that I might have left it a bit late for the year, considering that the season has more or less changed over to winter now, but it was still able to keep interest for a day. I really do prefer living in the big city compared to the countryside but I miss nature sometimes so this is a good substitute.
I feel almost kinda weirdly jelous of the huge, victorian greenhouses with their caged rainforests. I want one of those!
 My bangs have grown too long again, I can't make up my mind how to wear my hair so for now I'll just braid it out of my way...
I had been looking forward to the treetop walkway since forever.
I'm definetley going to have to give it a re-visit in spring to see it clad in greenery.
There's something surreal and slightly magical about stroling around in the canopy compleatley unbothered.

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