måndag 13 februari 2012

The Lolita side of the story

So this petition is already spreading like wildfire through the lolita community but there is a reason for it!
I think everyone who has ever pursued a unique or different style knows that it's pretty hard as it is to be treated like an outsider. Lolita allready has to fight against the ambigious undertone of it's name and a lot of dirty preconceptions about age play and thoughts about fetish clothing. In reality we are just women and girls whith shared aesthetics. We shouldn't be shamed for this and we don't need a poster for a really controversial documentary adding fuel to the fire. Please sigh on, it's not even two minutes of your time and hopefully we can make a difference!

2 kommentarer:

Kieli_Heart sa...

I heard about the issue but didn't see the poster till I came to your blog post. This is terrible. And you're right, it's bad enough Loli's have to deal with harsh insults and being looked at like you're an alien. I will definitely sign this petition. It's wrong and totally uncalled for. I hope these people do apologize for this.

Today's fashion and lifestyle has nothing to do with the book. And it's time to make sure people realize that.

~ Kieli ~

Josephine Valentine sa...

Kieli_Heart: yeah I really do not want to see what it would do to the community, hopefully we will get enough signatures!