lördag 14 april 2012


So I've started using my instagram account on 0kage, that's with a zero insted of an o. I'm looking for new people to follow so if you have an active account; drop me your username!

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Churi Chan sa...

my instagram is Churichan, i think is pretty fun :D Beautiful pictures :D

Meeow sa...

I am at instagram with my username "zombieliebchen" :) I love taking pics with it - and looking for inspirations :)

Lune Lovegood Kyrad-Naim sa...

my instagram is LuneLovegood
i hope you like it, i like a lot yours!

Ansma sa...

you are really pretty :: )


Annia sa...

I love your blog!!!
I just found it!

I made a blog a month ago and i would appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!

It is http://newfashionorder.blogspot.com/

Oh btw i took part in a contest for a trip in Korea.The winner will be decided on the views of his video.
So i would really appreciate it if you could check it out and tell your friends to check it out to!
Thank you!!!

The link is this! Korea Contest

Kati カティ sa...

You are very Pretty! ^^