söndag 15 juli 2012

Ups and downs of breaking technology

So my laptop breaking just in time for summer has brought a couple of things with it, it's made me spend more time out and about, losing a couple of pounds and catching a tan. It's also been very kind on my wallet, I can still surf with my iPhone but it's inconvinient for shopping. On the other hand I've got no outlet for blogging and I miss all my online friends aswell, bucking under this pressure I've finaly brought my computer to the workshop. It was a fairly cheap computer but I still find it frustrating that it's broken allready and I fear the bill for fixing it won't be cheap. Should I choose to get a new one, what kind of computer would you guys recomend? Preferably cute but I think it's time for me to not judge by that alone.

2 kommentarer:

Missa sa...

aw im so sorry about your computer breaking! my computer was breaking before i had this one, but my boyfriend surprised me with a new laptop. it is a Sony VAIO and i'm in love with it. i'm no technology junkie myself but you should check that one out :D


Josephine Valentine sa...

I saw a VAIO in store and was kind of curios, partialy because it was pink but also because I think my sony products in general have been a good quality... Will definetley give it a closer look!