lördag 11 augusti 2012


I'm missing a good mirror for my daily looks so I've resorted to just snapshots. I've been growing my bangs out again, it's like I always forget that it doesn't look that good on me, or what do you think?

Earrings & Cardigan ~ Vivienne Westwood
Blouse ~ H&M
Necklace & High-waisted jeans ~ EMODA
(I've lost a bit of weight latley and I can't get used to my face without the full cheeks *_*")

5 kommentarer:

rusty sa...

Nooo, I think the grown bangs look really good on you. It makes you look more adult-ish, of course, but still lovely.
And that blouse you're wearing is so cute. *_*

Angii sa...

you look more mature now, it's lovely! and your eyes are stunning~~

Geisha Baby sa...

Wow, you look so gorgeous! Your face is like, beautiful and the ratio is perfect! But now I sound weird...XD love the brown and black colour scheme too!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog at the moment and I'd love if people would enter it! Geisha Baby

Josephine Valentine sa...

Rusty: Thank you! I guess I'll fight the good fight and try to get used to it a bit longer at least! ^^
I know, I just love it, can't belive it's H&M! XD

Angii: Thankyouuu! ~♥

Geisha Baby: Haha might be a bit of an odd compliment but I'll take it ;D
Thankyou! ♥

Djungelsoda sa...

Jag tycker att det är fint på dig =)