måndag 21 juli 2008

Me, my face, and I

I would never claim to be a self confident girl, but for the most part I don't hate the way I look either, I feel like I can work with it. But it needs just that, WORK! Freckels needs to be covered, pale eyelashes needs to be painted, thin hair needs to be teased and the bangs have to be immaculate. There are more things that don't belong in my face, like the slight bump on my nose, the flat part of my chin and the dark cirkels around my eyes, but theese are things I can not fix, just hide. My face, as it is, is not how I picture myself. Even though I often see myself without makeup or styled hair I feel like I'm not myself when I get out of the shower or wake up in the morning, I'm not even a person, just raw material.
Why am I so empty?

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