fredag 1 augusti 2008

Early bird special

I can't sleep anymoore. The average day latley is me going to bed, not really tired at all, at around 4:00~4:30am and then waking up again around 8:00~9:00am, unable to sleep any moore. My pattern of sleep seam to resemble that of a bear moore than a human since I in wintertime can't seam to drag myself out of bed even if my life depended on it.

I like the mornings, the smoldering heat has yet to kick in and my annoying neighbours are still fast asleep. The air is nice and warm, not scorching like during the day and you hear all the birds twittering. I get up and make some fresh fruit pie out of my homegrown strawberries and some blueberries I bought yesterday. I love my new portionsized pie jars, I got all four of them for 25kr. I take my fresh baked pie and a huge cup of vanilla tea with milk (that tea is never as good as I expect it to be)and go out in the garden. My cat is playing nearby and the air is humming with bees, it's so perfect it feels unreal. And I'm happy for once.

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