onsdag 20 augusti 2008

Sunday, Kagrra day!

Concert day! I was the only one in ouer house who wore lolita that day so naturaly I finished last *_*, We bought some fabric to make black and white hankies to dance with and then we mostly qued for the rest of the day. It was rainy and there where rats there but we still managed to entertain ouerselfs.A dangerosly hot Ylva and me.I found a fellow lolita! Bella and me, shilded from rain and tourist cameras by my Swimmer umbrella.
Stock photo since as usual no cameras where allowed (they where all much better looking irl). The concert was so awsome! They are just great live and I'm glad I went even though I got kind of squashed in the rather wild crowd. I got a signed copy of Core with me as a memory that has been spinning in my CD player ever since.
After the concert we ran into Peter Siepen and got a picture with him, Tokis was so happy!

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