torsdag 19 november 2009


... it's really cold in Tokyo.
... I've been walking more and realised how much you miss out on by riding the JR everywhere.
... I have this urge to play Castlevania Symphony of the night.
... my creditcard is being troublesome.
... I'm learning that my gut feeling about who to trust is always accurate.
... I'm developing a crush on my japanese teacher.
... my room is getting too cluttered, even for me.
... I found out a swedish friend of mine came out of the closet in my absence.
... Royal Milk Tea have tiny cake shaped keychains on their bottles.
... I can't draw.
... I worry to much.

3 kommentarer:

Sara sa...

lately...I really miss you.

Froud sa...

Öj, är jag the swedish friend coming out of the closet? Eller har du fler swedish pals turning gay? Om inte, yeeees, I'm in the blooooogg! Som jag har väntat!

Okage sa...

Sara: I miss u most *3*

Froud: Det är du Froud, du är den enda bögen för mig!
Förlåt att du fått vänta, ska blogga mer om dig i framtiden!