torsdag 2 september 2010

Emily temple chocolate

I haven't even got my hands on the Angelic Pretty chocolat print yet and now Emily temple cute have to drop their coco print on me like I needed more things to want. Insert pouty face here.

8 kommentarer:

DON cookie sa...

the brown one looks very cute ! but i think that the black-white one looks a little bit like a print from a newspaper. ._.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Haha, my favourite is acctualy the blue one! But there was no picture óf that colour on the dresses on the blog but here's a skirt!

Ria sa...

Ooh I haven't seen this print before. I LOVE the brown colourway :) meh, I love ETC altogether

Josephine Valentine sa...

Ria: It's a pretty new print (their latest I belive) ^_^ I like the brown colourway alot with that scallop leather jacket, such a lovley mix of cute and cool! *_*

Stu sa...

those dresses are super cute :)

Olivia sa...

so cute!

Roxie_Sweetheart sa...

Hey :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! :D
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Josephine Valentine sa...

Stu & Olivia: They sure are, I wish I could afford to buy one right now T_T

Roxie_Sweetheart: Thankyou so much sweetie! I really like your stuff, your necklaces look super cute but since your site is more of a store I'm not sure I should link it untill I've bought something from there, so sorry ^^,
Much love ~♥