tisdag 31 augusti 2010

Pt. III Marie Antoinette Royal Buffon

Part III
La croix noir Marie Antoinette Royal Buffon
The Decadent doll
Brand: La croix noir
Price: Gift from friend
Style: Full wavy wig
Colour: Bitter chocolate
Length: 80cm
Volume: 2/5
Care: Wig shampoo, brush

Brand: Prisila
Price: ¥2,600
Style: Curley clip-on ponytail
Colour: Medium brown
Length: 55cm
Volume: 3/5
Brand: no name
Price: 3 for ¥300
Style: Wavy clip-in extensions
Colour: Mahogany
Length: 50cm
Volume: 2/5
Styling time: Depending on your skill I would say 20-30 minutes.

This took longer then planed to post but I swear to God everything has been working against me, the grabby things in in the clip-on ponytails broke like two times. Anyway, this is the most MacGyver of the different hime wigs since I use a bunch of extensions from several different brands to make the no doubt biggest most outrageous one. The first thing you'll want to do is to put the clip-in extensions on top of the ponytails and brush them into eachother.With that we are redy to start putting it together.
My thoughts:
I do like the result of this one, I think it's cute but it's really heavy because of all the hair that goes in to it so pin that wig like there is no tomorrow. It's also so ridicilously huge that I don't really know when you would wear it except maybe photoshoots, outrageous parties or cosplay but that's for the individual to deside.

Putting it on:
Once you got the wig on nice and tigh, do a sort of three way part. Save a big chunk of hair on the top of your head and do two tiny ponytails on the side, as high as you possibly can.
Put the big chunk out of the way with a bobby pin and get your big clip-on ponytails out. Fold the ponytail of the wig and clip-on the extensions.Do this on both sides, put them as high up as you can with as little space between the two clip-ons as possible, if necessary secure it with more bobby pins.Now tease/backcomb the middle section of hair on the wig untill it's about the same hight as the clips. Smooth it over by combing over it gently with a soft brush, without killing the volume, secure any stray hairs with a big cute bow or a flower! Brush the different hairs into eachother for a more natural blend.Plus & minus:
+ Huge and so cute!
+ Pretty cheap
+ One of a kind
- Heavy and rather unpractical
- Tricky styling
Overall score: 3/5
Right for you if you're: Looking for something eyecathing and one of a kind for an extravagant occasion.

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