torsdag 28 oktober 2010

A mini shopping post

I think, in the story of my style life, the chapter of fall 2010 will be known as the Chocolate Era, or maybe, depending who the author is, the brown period but that doesn't sound quite as appealing.
In any case, here are my latest buys, sort of a mini tartan sack dress and the melty chocolate bar sling bag both by Angelic Pretty. I got the dress for the combination of colours in the tartan, baby pink and brown with a hint of blue it's like candy for the eyes.
I love the open, lace-up back! Lovley detail, I always like a beautiful back on dresses, it makes them more three-dimensional.
It also has back pockets on the butt with huge ribbons of course, so cute! And finaly, a little old V.S new with the chocolate bag, maybe this is common knowledge and I'm just a big doodoo head for not realising that the new shoulder strap style is acctually a lot smaller! I still love it though.

7 kommentarer:

Jousia sa...

What a lovely dress! I bet it looks great on you! Jätte söt!

Sara sa...

Aw, the dress is so cute with the choco-bag!
I actually new that the slingbag was smaller, I just assumed you knew it too, since AP is more your area of expertise ^^;;

myou sa...

I love the bag in pink.

And this dress ... *.*

Josephine Valentine sa...

Jousia: Tack så mycket! ^_^
Sara: I love them together, now I just need that ETC-cutsew to finish off the look! I never thought about the size, I have only noticed the rounder corners :S
myou: Me too, it's such an adoreble design!

crimson sa...

I agree with your love for brown. Not only it's very cute, but it's also perfect for autumn.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Crimson: Yes, and it gives a much softer look then black!

Luz sa...

Nice coord ;)