lördag 16 oktober 2010

Thoughts of hair

It's getting to be time to pay the hairdresser another visit and I'm thinking about what kind of style to get. Last time I basicly got Makis cut from the melty chocolate add although mine's a bit lighter brown so my caramel blond streaks don't really show all that well.I like the style on her but I don't really want to go that dark brown and since it is a little bit more expensive to get a two tone done at the salong I've been thinking about getting blunter strands of lighter hair so it really shows.Option number one, and my favourite at the moment, would be to go half and half. It might be a good idea since I always have a hard time deciding if I should be a blond or brunette and with the colour shades Kumiko has I strangley don't think it looks all that fake either. Options number two and three are basicly the same idea but just placed diffrently. Number two is broad streaks from the roots that frames the face and number three (Is Niki Minaj really the only example I could find of this style?) keeps the streaks in the neck and gives just a pop of lightness (or colour as is the case with the IRL example picture).
I havn't quite made up my mind just yet, I still need to find a good salong in my new city anyway but I'm thinking that two and three, although they would probably offer real fun styling options, might not be right for me. What do you guys think, a cute two tone do or maybe just stick with more classic one colour style?

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Yoshi sa...

I prefer the 2nd option but the first can be nice if the two colours aren't too much different.

❤Cate❤ sa...

I love the first option but it really depends on the colours your going for as you can end up looking like Cruella De Ville XD
I have a mix of 2 and 3 at the moment (my streaks are blue) and it's a great option if you just want to test out the colour you can always go for the more dramatic first look later if you think the streaks look good, I'm glad I went for streaks first so i could see if they suited me or not, now I'm thinking of adding some more pink ones into the mix xoxo

Maria, Paperlace.se sa...

I like them all but it all depends on what kind of styling you commonly have the energy to do. I know I am a lazy floof so I'd go for #2 or #3 but I can definitely see you rocking the #1.

Mimi sa...

eek the 1st option is the best i think! xxx

Josephine Valentine sa...

Yoshi: No I think I would go for something as close to kumikos colours I could come.
Cate: Haha yeah black and white where not really my first colour pics ^^ Your style sounds really interesting to, I like extreme colour streaks but those kind of colours always wash out of my hair sooo quick!
Maria: If I have inspiering hair I tend to get more energy to style it ^^
Mimi: me to, I think that's probably what I'll get.

Anonym sa...

I love the one on the right!