måndag 16 januari 2012

In with the new, out with the old

I've lost my camera again, I had it back for maybe a week or two so good job me! As a compensation I've purchased the remaning effects for the vintage cam app, the Iphone is still not as great as a real digital camera but it holds me over. I've tweeted theese pictures on new years but here they are again with the "rainbow" filter. I'm very pleased with the coat but I wish I would have worn a muffler because watching the fireworks I was freezing and I've caught a cold that's been going strong for TWO WEEKS now!I'm having something of an early spring cleaning and selling quite a few items on Gothloli, just click here!
As long as you've got paypal I'll sell/ship worldwide. Info is all in Swedish but if you see anything of interest just send me an e-mail and we'll work something out! I'll continue updating with new stuff throughout the week.

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Victoria Rosenkranz sa...

You look very pretty and ladylike in this outfit, I love the hat + coat combo!