måndag 30 januari 2012

New in town

So I said I was going to start a tumblr some time back but I never got around to figuring out the design all that well, I figured I'll drop that for now and use it as is, peopel tend to follow through the dashboard anyway so it's quite unnecessary.
Anyway, I've started two of them!
Ma petite patisserie - Companion blog to Alice café, just tumblring everything and anything I like.
That Magnanimous look - My sketch blog, I'm pretty bad at finishing things so it doesn't feel as if my doodles belong among everything else so here I'll try to post most things I do. If you just want the Crème de la Crème that will still be rebloged/posted here and on Ma petite Patisserie so this is just if you want the extra.
I'm still kind of new and fumly on tumblr, currently working on uploading my collection of randome saved pictures I have accumulated on the computer but feel free to follow and if you have a tumblr you think would be of interest to me then post your link here! I'm looking for peopel to follow!

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Kieli_Heart sa...

Welcome to the Tumblr scene xD I am definitely going to follow you on both! If you want, you can add mine! :3 http://rainbowstarcandy.tumblr.com/ It might tickle your fancy ^-^

~ Kieli ~