måndag 4 april 2011

Happy Girls

Tsubasa X Sanrio for McDonalds
Funny thing is that last time I went to McDonalds here in Sweden the staff wouldn't even let you get the happy set because I was in my tweens and not a kid, they told me because the pricepoint is just for children. It's actually cheaper to get the set with the toy then to just buy a small burger and fries, so unfair!

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Anonym sa...

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Manda sa...

stupidest thing ever!!! i mean not to let u buy a happy meal. id go bananas is they ever refused me my happy meal :< i just cant fit one of those big ~adult meals~ into my tummy x_x

oh and this makes me wanna go to japan hahaha ;_; tsubasa at mcdonalds... ah. awesome!

Josephine Valentine sa...

LiLy: Thankyou, I'll make sure to check it out!
Manda: The thing is they'll LET you buy the small size for sure but last time I went they didn't have a menue with the smallest of everything except for the kids meal and you can't get that. It's about the same price to buy just a small burger and a soda then to buy the happy set WITH fries and toy, the pricing is retarded.

Maria ♥ sa...

Love the hairstyles! I have never had any problems buying a Happy Meal and I have even been able to buy just the toy from the Happy Meal. I did that when they had their collaboration with My Little Pony.

Josephine Valentine sa...

Maria ♥: Omg what's witha that? have it changed since I was there last or is the McD's in Falun just nazis? I have however bought the toy seperatley at some point so I think that's universaly Ok. I did it when they had some sort of colab where I wanted to collect all of them but I just got the same toy all the time... I wish you could do that with other collectables!

Anonym sa...

Really? Last time I went to McD's I could order a happy meal without any difficulty :S And that wasn't more than about a year ago. Stupid rule anyway :<