onsdag 20 april 2011

A plee

For help from my dear readers, I really, really want this Vivienne Westwood scarf, it's so perfect! You where great at finding the heeled loafers all around the interweb so if you happen to come by this knit anywhere, please comment or send me a mail about it and I'll be forever thankful! I'll give you a link or a thank you entery if you like.(Why do I obsess over a knitted scarf when it's finaly spring?!)

3 kommentarer:

Desdemona sa...

Oh I can't look at another scarf x.x But this is how you write Vivienne westwoord scarf in Japanese ヴィヴィアン ウエストウッド マフラー
It gave me plenty results on yahoo auction but I couldn't be bothered to look through them all.

Shayla sa...

I have a sort of scarf obsession...some people call it hoarding...I call it collecting hahahahaaha. Your hair is oh so cute!!!

kyuuketsuki sa...

Maybe try asking at the vivienne westwood community at livejournal, it helped me out before ^-^ xxx