onsdag 29 juni 2011

Outfit inspiration

I really love theese outfits, I want a skirt like that so bad now, anyone know a place where I can get one? I don't know if it's the heat, the buggs or what but I can't stop longing for autumn.

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La Mome Neant sa...

Hey Josephine!
You can find this kind of skirt by searching "paperbag waist", on ASOS for instance.
I still haven't send the designs I wanted to show you! Shame on me. But I will, I will.

Josephine Valentine sa...

La Mome Neant: Thankyou, now I know what to look for, didn't really have a name for it first!
It's quite all right,send it whenever you have the time. I was actually a little worried that you would have sent it and they got lost in the mail. Glad that's not the case!

Piperita Patty sa...

I'm craving for autumn too, so strange, because in early spring I craved badly for summer -.-
I love this retro design!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Piperita Patty: Haha me too, I always forget how hot and bothered I get in summer, I always imagine I'll like it.

MayClover sa...

I love the inspo
Cute blog you've got<3
Do you know the website Bodyline? They've got cute gothiclolita clothes ^^

Josephine Valentine sa...

MayClover: Thankyou, yes I know bodyline but I don't really own any of their items.

aliceinwonderland sa...

I really love the clothes! ღ
I wish i can buy it too!