fredag 10 juni 2011

Seasonally appropriate

It's the middle of the summer and hotter then ever, so naturally I just had to go get a coat. Sometimes I just get it in my head that I need something and can't let it go, it's usualy a real pain because I have the perfect picture of what I want in mind but it's not always easy to find it when I'm so fixated on details. I was lucky Sara knew pretty much exactly what I wanted as soon as I mentioned I wanted a trench coat and set me on the right track to the one I got, by TopShop.
I can't wait untill I get it even though I'll probably haveto wait another month or two before I wear it...*_*

3 kommentarer:

October ja Wave sa...

It's beautiful!
I love jackets just like those.
They can be worn so many ways (f.ex. with pants and skirts) <3

Sara sa...

I'm glad you liked it and glad you got it and now I will live vicariously through you! ;D it's gorgeous!

Josephine Valentine sa...

October ja Wave: I'm looking forward to trying some different coordinates with it!
Sara: You're awsome as always!