tisdag 5 januari 2010

About that little pink tag in the back and why it's so important to me

Maria challanged me to write my own personal entery, in response to hers, about why I am what they call a "brandwhore". I won't explain the term any further since I think Maria did a good enough job of that so just read her entery for that part.
I'll just start out straight by admiting: I don't own any bodyline nor have I ever done so save for a petticoat. I have no experience of anything fan+friend and as far as Anna house goes I own a pair of bloomers and a blouse but beside that, my experience of what is concidered "non-brand" in the lolita comunity is rather limited. I also rarley shop at stores like H&M for things other than tights and I hardley ever get into the whole vintage deal so my wardrobe is largley just japanese lolitabrands.
Then how can I diss it if I don't even know what it is I'm passing up? Don't knock it till you've tried it, right? Well no, I have no desire to explore the off-brand scene any further then I alredy have. For me it's an easy call, I pass them up because they don't have the tag. All clothing of course have a tag but a tag is not the tag. The brand tag. The magic tag of instant feel-good. I could argue quality untill I'm blue in the face and it wouldn't be a lie, I love the quality of lolita brands and with time I have come to demand it, but it wouldn't be the entire truth either. Quality doesn't explain why I buy Angelic Prettys mediocre petticoats for 10,000yen when in honesty my best poof was provided by a 4000yen offbrand Closet child skirt. Quality doesn't explain why I pay overprice, sometimes twice the retail price, for rare or old prints. That is only explained by admiting to the fact that I'm a brandwhore. I enjoy my lolita brand clothing in the the same way I enjoy expensive chocolate, matching underwhere and Anna Sui makeup. It's just for me, it makes me feel special and no, it's not nececeraly objectivly "better", but a heavely rose scented mascara just make me feel better than any ordinary ever could.
In the same way brand clothing make me feel better, it's lolita at it's best and it's just so beautiful! The details, the fit, the fabrics! It's all so perfect and I don't really care if you can't tell my Fruits parlor was more expensive then your's, it's for me to know it's not a copy.
It's everyday luxury to walk in to my closet and her the crisp sound of expensive lace ruffeling as I page through dresses. I love the feeling of opening up beautiful hatboxes and unravel bows wrapped up in silk paper. It might be silly, materialistic and shallow but I love to posses beautiful things and I love the the little pink tag in the back telling me that every day is Angelic Pretty.

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Caro-chan sa...

I think this post is lovely, I am by no means a brandwhore, but I understand you completely in your last paragraph, sometimes owning something simply because it makes you feel special is reason enough.

That said! Rose scented mascara?! Where did you find such a thing? It sounds amazing!

Josephine Valentine sa...

The rose scenter mascara is by Anna Sui and it is in fact, quite amazing ^_~

Laplacedemon sa...

I agree with yuo even tho Imy closet ave more off brand than brand (but thats because I don't always dress in lolita)But I see the diffrence between off brand and brand lolita and you DO feel better (as you said) whne you know it's brand and also I see lolita as a way to express myself and the dresses are almost like art and then I want the real deal and not some copy.

Sophia Alexandra sa...

I completely understand your post and think its good you wort it but I have to say it also made me really sad. I would ware brand of I could afford it but I absolutely don't have even an extra forty to spend. I think all girls would get addicted to the quality and the eliteness of having real Japanese clothing but most girls dont have that luxury (though you shouldn't be embarrassed that you do). I also very much agree about the bodyline copies I recently did an article about my hate for ripping off hard working good brand labels.