söndag 10 januari 2010

A Lolita meme

A meme nicked from F*** Yeah Lolita's blog, continue the internet piracy and do it yourself!

1. Best Lolita fashion advice you've ever received?
To this date the only style advice I've ever gotten is to make it work so I guess it's the best one by default.

2. Style icons?

Sae I love both her quirky natural-kei outfits and the flawless pastelle doll look and I better leave it at that or else I'll relaps and just get creepy about how much I want to be her because she's freaking adoreble.

3. Describe your personal style.
I'll make it easy for myself and just say Lolita. Sweet for those who want to be more specific.

4. Favorite designers/brands?
Vivienne Westwood, Emily Temple Cute, Angelic Pretty, Victorian Maiden, GRAMM

5. Most cherished items?
My Angelic Pretty Toy Parade JSK.

6. Most used item?
Lace gloves and Tea party shoes.

7. I feel best wearing?
A lot of clothes, I'm most comfortable in layered coordinations.

8. The first thing I look for in another Lolita's outfit...
If it fits the wearer. Oh, and any kind of bustle or rufflebutt because I'm a pervert like that.
9. Lolita Fashion rule you never break?
Showing too much skin

10. Never caught wearing?
Sweatpants and T-shirts with prominent "witty" text on them.

11. Dress to impress who?
I don't dress to impress anybody, I dress the way I do because it makes me feel like I'm myself. Whenever I wear something else I'm uncomfortable and not as sure of who I am.

12. Your next "must have" purchase?
Something lavender and Angelic Prettys pink Tiara rose JSK.

13. Favorite type of head accessory?
Half bonnet and large bows.

14. Favorite cut of clothing (shirring, high waist, princess seams etc)?
Babydoll dresses and doll One pieces with collar and cuffs.

15. Current obsession?
Big hair
16. Best Lolita fashion advice you can give to anyone:
Don't roll out of bed into your over the top lolita gear, the clothes are beautiful and you should be too! You should always be the best you that you can be and for that you might need to make an effort and there is nothing wrong with that.

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