lördag 2 januari 2010

Sherlock Holmes premiere rant

I managed to drag myself to a premiere sceening of the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night and as a nice suprise to myself, I wasn't offended by it. For those pf you who didn't know I'm a huge Sherlock fan (a bit of a Shertard if you will) and I was a little scared of this movie since the trailer sort of advertised this new take on the character like some 1800-century James Bond, handcuffed naked in a hotelroom and fist fighting with his shirt off. It also added the obigatory Hollywood femme fatale in the shape of Irene Adler who is a rather minor character that I don't really like in the book, I didn't like her in the movie and I don't like the actress who plays her but without really spoiling anything I will say it could have been worse. I liked both Robert Downey JR and Jude Law in this and thankfully the character of Sherlock has still maintained alot of his essense and is not a complete meathead like I feared.
I would recomend you to go see it, it was better then I expected and requiers really no knowledge about anything Sherlock to enjoy it I think and it was an okay mystery with great music, beautiful scenery and good action.

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