söndag 31 januari 2010

A day at Tokyo Disneyland resort

I finaly went to Disneyland yesterday with Tomo. Before I came to Japan I thought I'd be going there the first week or so but that was obviously not the case. Anyways, I think it was a long time since I had so much fun, I rode every single ride except Splash mountain and that was closed. Alice's mad teaparty teacups where hands down the worst (I thought my head was going to fall off) and grand canyon rollercoaster was the best even though the line for it was probably the longest. I also ate popcorn again for the first time in about seven months, it was like little pieces of heaven!
When the sun went down efter about ten houers of fun and play, it got a little bit chilly so I stuck my hands in a pair of Minni Mouse gloves and waited for the fireworks to start as a bright full moon rose over the beautifuly lit castle. So romantic.

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