torsdag 6 maj 2010

Decision making

I think I will go to the hairdresser before the week is out, if for nothing else I need to get rid of my darker roots before my birthday, but I'm contemplating what to do with my bangs. Keep them straight for a more dollish look, or let them grow and sweep them aside for a cute look?
I know the straight bang always work, but it was a long time since I had some change in my hair and it feels like a new look might be fun.

7 kommentarer:

rusty sa...

I can never get over the fact that you are so incredibly cute and beautiful at the same time. You work some strange magic, woman.

Sanna sa...

Lugg. Fast kortare då :)

Sara sa...

I actually think the sideswept bangs look super cute, especially with you hair like that! I say go for sideswept, and when you're tired with the change you can always go back to straight bangs easy as pie.

Anonym sa...

The side one! You look so mush more like a doll whit that! You have the perfect doll face and it should be shown!

Elin sa...

Jag tycker du klär i snedlugg! Gillar du det inte är det ju väldigt lätt att åtgärda dessutom. klippklipp!

Josephine Valentine sa...

rusty: Gosh, your far to kind *_* thankyou for your comment!

Sanna: haha ja, eftersom jag inte bestämmt mig än är den helt klart i längsta laget XD

Sara: ♥! Your right as always.

Anonym: Ah you flatter me but thankyou so much for your sweet comment! ~♥

Elin: Tack så mycker, haha, ja det har du förståss rätt i!

Fraud Struuem sa...

Annars kan du ju köra något safe och ta den här, från personen till höger:

Han är alltid lika good-lookin. Tror iofs hans beatuy sitter mer i facet än håret. Jag menar, look at those eyes! So handsome!