fredag 28 maj 2010

Running out of steam

I'm kind of fed up with working at the moment and that is just after a week of it, I still feel fatigue from my illness and I'm depressed. I don't have much energy or reason to get dressed up and do my hair and make-up either so I feel awfuly ugly, which today was boosted by the fact that the Vice interview we did at the fleemarket was published and turned out to be little more than an excuse to ridicule the style and people who wear it. The comment section is a hailstorm of how fat and barfingly ugly we all are. I know you shouldn't care but I would rather not read or hear it so I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time with that journalist. Leave it to me to be naive enough to think there was some sort of genuine interest and not just for freak show value.

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Amelie Rose sa...

Don't beat yourself up about the Vice article, hun. If they're going to make fun of people based on something as ridiculous as the way they dress, they're immature and vulgar - not worth bothering with. You couldn't have known they were going to ridicule it. Leave the little boys to their insecure wailing about being woken up by something out of the ordinary. :3 Don't let the haters get to you.

I've always admired you for your fabulousness, even if I'm a bit of a lurker, so I'm sorry to hear you don't feel it right now. I hope you feel better soon though! <3

Elin sa...

Jag tycker du är vacker.

Lady Christina sa...

Ugh I'm so sorry to hear all this! I hope you feel better soon and I agree with Amelie Rose ignore the haters and let them whine when their 'perfect world' is shattered by different styles.

I've lurked for a few weeks now and I find you incredibly wonderful and beautiful. Your makeup tutorial you posted a few months back made you look like a doll and the picture of you in your side bar is beautiful too. I love your milk-tea colored hair it really suits you! Keep your chin up...find the silver lining and never lose faith!

♥ your American fan Christina

Bella sa...

exuse my language by they can go fuck themself cause you are awesome and so are the others who were in the article

but just like the BJD hobby I'm in who also have been a target I just find it ridicoulus but also as long a person have wirtten something that point of view that person has will shine through (something my "BJD friends" and I disussed after that outsiders episode)

so stand infornt of that mirror all dressed up and tell yourself that you are beautiful until you stop being sad and belive yourself (thats what I do when i'm on the low)