söndag 9 maj 2010

Turning twentyone and racialy ambiguous

I'm closing in on what is soon to be my third week of feeling under the weather, I had sort of an ambition to get better before my birthday but of course, like all plans of mice and men, it didn't work out. Today when I woke up I found that I can add yet another weird symptom to this unidentifyed illness, my eyelids have puffed up! Just the upper ones, towards the bridge of my nose, giving a distinctly asian look to my eyes. My brother and his wife has alredy made the rather predicteble "turning Japanes" joke.
I will postpone my celebrations untill I feel somewhat better but I'm really thankfull to all of you for your kind congratulations and I'm so pleased with this years gifts! They are some of the best ones ever so far and without giving away too much, they all follow one of my favourite themes!
Stay tuned, all of them will be posted in due time!

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