måndag 17 maj 2010

Hair drying the hard drive

During one of many sick nights of late I of course managed to do, what my mom always tells me not to do, and tip over one of my waterbottles on top of my laptop. It was down for a couple of days but some work with the hair dryer and it will atleast get me online for a couple of houers even though the screen is kind of busted looking. Time to get a new, cute laptop I think!

As far as the illness goes by the way, for whoever might be interested, I'm not realy better but I can independently take in liquids again even though my throat is so puffed up it kills to swallow. I hope I will be better by next weekend atleast because after that I'm suppose to go to Germany and I can't realy see how I would be able to do that if I can't even eat.

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