onsdag 5 januari 2011

The dress that almost wasn't

Part two of the latest haul, I've been in sort of a hailstorm of packages theese past few days, I guess I ordered alot when I got my last salary. Long term followers might remeber that I got this dress for myself as a christmas present last year, so why did I get it again this year? It's a pretty embarrassing story so I havn't posted it yet but the thruth is that I wore this dress while out partying in Tokyo one night. Since I have a habit of smoking when I drink I accidentally burned a hole in the chiffong ribbon with my cigarett!
I was so upset, I was lucky to get the dress in the first place, it turned out to be a very popular series and the only reason I was able to get it was because someone had ordered it through my shopping service and not payed up.
However I can't stand clothes with imperfections like holes or stains on them, it makes me feel guilty because I didn't take care of my pretty things.I let my old one go to Sara and started to search for a new one for me.
It took me so long to find another one that I even bought a substitute but that just wasn't enough so when I saw this one on auction I just had to have it even though it was super expensive!
I feel like it doesn't really matter, I'm at peace now that the search is over and I have it in my closet again so it was worth the money.

So there you have it, the story of Spoon & Fork and how I learned my leason never to party in popular prints again.

9 kommentarer:

мaямellatส sa...

I want one too!!~

what a crazy story..
I'm glad to hear you could get another!

myou sa...

Amazing dress !!! <3

Josephine Valentine sa...

мaямellatส: Me too! It's one of my favourite prints!

Myou: It truly is, it's my favourite for now! *_*

insertcake sa...

glad that you got your dress back! it's truly a wonderful piece <3

rayk3/ sa...

what a beautiful dress *-* omg ! i want haha <3 follow ? http://littlek3.blogspot.com/ thanks ^-^

→RiAღ sa...

that is beautiful dress!
and the necklace is very lovely too :3

Josephine Valentine sa...

Insertcake: Thankyou, the print is truly adoreble!
rayk/: I hope you find one one day too!
→RiAღ: I love that necklace, a friend of mine got it with yellow stones and the first time I saw it I was sooo jealous! I had to have it lol.

Sophia Alexandra sa...

Thats one of my all time dream dresses! I'm always so jealous why I see your clothing posts! Some day I hope to own as much etc as you!!!

Josephine Valentine sa...

Sophia Alexandra: I hope you'll find it someday too! I actually just started getting etc in my closet pretty recently, it's like I fell in love with it overnight and now it's the only brand I want *_*